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Rank Yourself Higher With Video SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key part of modern day advertising and marketing in the digital world. Though many people pay attention to their SEO campaigns and to optimizing the text content of their websites through keywords, video marketing is a relatively new aspect of the marketing field. However, video SEO has innumerable benefits and could easily help promote your business with only a handful of helpful criteria.

  • Load at Lightning Speed – Videos that load quicker will not only be more popular with your viewers but they will also rank higher in terms of video SEO, meaning that search engines will be more likely to return them as preferred results and therefore boost your page higher up in the preferred listings. In order to make your video load more quickly, there are a couple of options for you to consider. The size and resolution of video files makes a significant impact on their loading time. Decide if HD is truly important, or merely holding you back. File types and compression also come into play. Take the time to discover which file types work best and load most effectively for you so that you can boost your rankings and drive up traffic.
  • Use the Power of Social Networking – Sites like Pinterest and YouTube can really drive up your video SEO. Millions of users flock to Pinterest every day, usually in search of content relevant to their personalized interests. If your videos exist on YouTube already, they can easily be linked to Pinterest to drive traffic in from more sources and reach a much wider audience. Meanwhile, uploading your videos to YouTube in the first place will put them in view of everyone on the Internet. YouTube is actually the second most widely used search engine on the internet, which means millions of views every day could be going to your product and company.
  • Go the Extra Mile – If you distribute your video using more than one website, it stands to reason that it will be seen by more people and will also be easier to pick up for search engines. More hits by search engines means more people seeing the product you are putting out, and taking the time to create high quality resources such as transcripts and keyword tags on YouTube or video sitemaps for your own web site will ensure visitors like what they see.

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