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Promoting Videos through Video SEO

What is SEO?
SEO is important – but a lot of people don’t know what it means. Search Engine Optimization. It’s a tool that many companies, businesses and organizations use to help promote themselves and their products through the internet, and when used properly, it’s both inexpensive and effective. Originally it was used for written material that flittered through the web which would contain a certain keyword – when someone heads over to a search engine and types the keywords in, the search engine finds the material with the word, and they pop up on the search. SEO also makes sure that the content found is relevant to the keyword, and ranks it by how relevant. It is an incredibly effective process which is still used today – and, as videos on the web have become more and more popular, another type of SEO has come into being.

What is Video SEO?
Video SEO is the same process as ordinary SEO – but instead of targeting written articles, it targets videos. It’s just as important as normal SEO; you can upload the video and share it through various social media websites in order to get clicks and views, but it is important to make the video brief and to tailor the content to your audience. Keeping it brief – under five minutes is best – means that the viewer won’t click out before you suggest action, and making sure it’s produced to snag viewer interest will raise the chances that visitors to your website become investors.

What to Do?
The first thing to do is come up with a headline for the video – use efficient keywords, keywords which are pertinent to the video, and make sure your audience sees them. They’ll see it and quickly be able to find out what information they can get. Put together another dozen or so keywords, spread the content around the video, and make sure to include it in the URL. Professional production companies understand the process and can give you a hand for Video SEO marketing.

Finally, you’ll embed a code into the video, and then ask your audience to spread it around. Relying on word of mouth – getting people to spread the word – is important, because the more views your video gets, the more relevant it becomes, and the better ratings it will receive when it comes up on search engines.

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