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PPC Management tips for beginners

Before we get into the nitty gritty of PPC management, I would like first to cover the groundwork of PPC, and how it differs from SEO.

Like SEO, PPC adverts are all about increasing website performance. This can be by attracting more traffic, or by targeting paying customers. Unlike SEO, PPC is never about actually improving the functionality of your website, rather PPC is a special form of online advertising that you’re probably already a little bit familiar with.

When you enter a search in any search engine, Google for example, you will often find sponsored links featured above and before finding naturally placed content. These sponsored links are PPC adverts, and there job is to put your content right before the eyes of a mass of web traffic by placing it above all natural SEO rated sites.

Your PPC manager will take up the role of making sure that your PPC ad campaign runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. There are many different elements that your PPC manager can refine over time, including experimenting with new keywords in your ad, while keeping a close eye on statistics at all times. By trial and error it will be possible over time to both improve how effective your ad is (i.e how much traffic and sales they generate), as well as reducing the cost per click of each ad.

Among the strengths of PPC advertising, we have the transparent cost of the adverts, plus you are able to cancel and change your adverts immediately if you decide to. Perhaps the main advantage, though, will be that your content gets moved into the fast stream, and accelerates past the competition to the very top of search results. In other words, your content will be the first thing that searchers see. Finally, by having an ad hosted by the likes of Google, you will also benefit from appearing as a credible source for whatever it is that you’re advertising.
One weakness of PPC, on the other hand, is that it cannot work on its own. It is essential that when a user clicks onto your ad and onto your site, that they don’t immediately recoil and leave, otherwise you’ll essentially be paying to build your own bad reputation. So be sure to create an exceptional website before investing too heavily in advertising.

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