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PPC Management Is The Key To Hitting The Ground Running

Adwords Qualifieed ProfessionalPay-per-click marketing is one of those classic double-edged Damocles Swords. It hangs over your head, glittering evilly at you, taunting you with it’s power — but will it fall into your hand handle-first, or will it take your arm off?

The reason that most people are (rightfully!) scared of pay-per-click is that there are lots of horror stories of people who tried to break into PPC and failed. Utterly. It happens every day, and it’s because (like many things), PPC is designed to seem simple and straightforward, but in actuality if you don’t take your time and study it thoroughly, you can (and will!) end up simply pouring your money into a hole and lighting it on fire. Metaphorically.

That’s why SEO specialists came up with the clever plan of learning the intricacies of PPC for themselves, so that they could turn around and sell the service of PPC management to their clients.

“So wait”, I hear you say. “You expect me to pay all of the money that I would’ve paid for PPC in the first place and also pay you guys to ‘manage’ my PPC advertising for me?”

Absolutely. And it’s well worth it. Here’s why.

Compare SEO to PPC. With SEO, you can pay a few hundred to a few thousand bucks every month, and eventually you’ll see some serious results — but for those intervening months, it’s basically a game of faith. You keep spending, relying on nothing but the word of your SEO champions that something, somewhere, is happening. When it works, it’s great, but can you afford to keep spending long enough for it to work?

With unmanaged PPC, unless you get incredibly lucky or you have previously unrevealed years of experience with obscure levels of keyword research and geographical campaign development, you might get really lucky and break even. Chances are good that you’ll end up spending more money than you ought to for keywords that won’t actually bring any purchase-ready traffic to your site.

With PPC management, you pay for the traffic you get right now. If your conversion rates are good enough, you can start turning a profit on day one — because the PPC management squad knows the tricks. They know which keywords to target, how to discern when a keyword is getting too pricey (or is becoming a really great deal). In short, they know enough that the extra money you spend for access to that knowledge is a great deal.

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