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PPC Management for beginners

New to the exciting world of PPC marketing? Then don’t be surprised if the subject seems a little daunting to start with. As with anything the topic is full of its own special jargon and keywords which it’s helpful to become acquainted with to understand exactly how it is that PPC management for your PPC ad campaign can help you to boost traffic and sales.

What is PPC marketing?

First off let’s start by explaining exactly what PPC or pay per click marketing means. The best explanation is a simple illustration in this case. Basically a PPC ad is a link into your website sponsored by the given search engine, Google for example. When a user enters a relevant keyword or term into the search engine the engine creates a long list of relevant web pages which come up in the results, some of these which are featured at the top or in the margin of the search results are sponsored links, and this is exactly what a PPC ad looks like.


There are many benefits to consider that might make PPC marketing worthwhile for your company but in general it will be determined by the type of product or service that your company specialises in.

Firstly the benefit of only paying for incoming clicks is great since firstly you only pay for those visitors who the advert was relevant for, but also it gives you a gauge for exactly how much traffic the ad is bringing in.

What does a PPC manager do?

Again there is a non-exhaustive list of things your PPC manager can do in managing your ad campaign, since you can always change your campaign to save money or bring in more clicks. In summary though here are the most significant things that your PPC manager can offer.


A good PPC manager will always aim to fine tune your service. Whether this means bringing price down or clicks up will depend on your own preference.


Your PPC manager will have the tools, the experience and the know how to research the most effective and innovative keywords that your campaign will centre around.

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