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PPC guidelines that will enhance Your PPC Performance

• Optimize your landing page. Many times, business owners spend too much time adjusting the text or images they add. They have forgotten an important question – where do users go when they click add? An optimized login page leads to a better user experience and, more importantly, a higher Google Quality Score.

• Keep track of everything you are doing. Pay-per-click advertising offers unprecedented tracking capabilities; you can perform every penny in literal order and perform any actions for you. Make sure you use it.

• Do not search your own ads online. It does not provide accurate performance indicators and can easily distract you. Check the statistics in AdWords, Google Analytics, and other monitoring tools to make a decision.

• Use Google Places for your benefit. If you’re a local business, make sure that you associate AdWords with a place, and you rely on your location to trust new customers.

• Read Google Analytics Blog. For regular updates and industry insights, be sure not to miss the Google Analytics Blog. This is an important source of PPC advertising information.

• Create an ad schedule. With PPC ad scheduling, you have more control over when your ad is shown. Arranging the right time will maximize your exposure and click-through rate.

• Use more negative keywords. Interestingly, a negative keyword is enough to limit potential ad impressions to users who are detrimental to the user’s bottom line, thereby reducing costs and increasing click-through rates.

• Use AdWords sitelinks. In addition to your landing page, sitelinks will also provide more URLs in your additions. These may be your contact us page or free shipping or anything you think is useful.

• Use the AdWords Dimensions tab. Use the advanced reporting features available in the Dimensions tab, such as conversions, destination URLs and demographics, geography, and more.

• Create unique mobile ads and desktop ads in your campaign. The fact is that mobile and desktop PPC ads are completely different, and adding them, landing pages, optimization is different. It makes sense to separate your report to further improve your performance.

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