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Pearls of Wisdom Before You Use Targeted Email Marketing

If you are a business owner, you have heard the term targeted email marketing suggested to you many times. What is it and how can it help your business? Remember those marketing postcards and flyers you get with your bills and magazines? Well, now imagine taking that online. Targeted email marketing delivers your business to people’s inbox with no effort on their part. But, this service is not as easy as it sounds. There are a couple of things you should know before you enroll in an email marketing program:

  • Audience: No matter how effective your marketing tools, they are virtually useless if marketed to the wrong audience. Know your clientele and use targeted email marketing to reach them.
  • Do your Research: Know the different kinds of email marketing offered before you make your choice. The more you know, the more likely that you will make an educated decision about who you want to approach. By doing your research, you know that you’re getting someone with experience with businesses of your kind and you avoid wasting time on those who don’t know your business.
  • All Paths…: Using different resources to advertise your business is a great idea, but only if all paths lead to your website. You can use bloggers and larger high traffic websites to advertise your own business. Many sources use one advertisement to market an umbrella category or business, but don’t single you out. That is a little counterproductive. Also, make sure that every resource that you use targets your target audience.
  • Follow up: Sending out one e-mail is next to nothing these days when individuals are bombarded with marketing emails. Remember to reach out to your audience every so often so that they remember you next time they require the service you offer. Make yourself memorable.

While targeted email marketing can be a powerful tool, it is only good if the right audience is captured and directed to a well built website. With a few thoughtful measures on the business owner’s part, this tool can be used as part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

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