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No Blog, No Glory: Energize Your Small Business Marketing Success

You’re now an insomniac. What about running your small business doesn’t keep you up at night? But building a blog could give you sweet dreams.

An uncertain economy, environmental regulations, cash flow concerns, anxieties over the line of credit — the list of your worries sprawls on and on. Why include a blog into your already jam-packed push for business survival?

Well, you have to admit that marketing is the lifeblood of small business. Of course word of mouth is preferable and sometimes more reliable. But you cannot ignore the impact that an effective web presence can have on your small business’ bottom line.

All these years of experience with empowering small businesses has taught us at DCM Moguls one unassailable truth: creating and maintaining a custom blog is the number-way that a business can truly conquer the online marketing jungle.

You want a better relationship with your customers? Start a blog. Commenting on blog posts is the way those who visit your site equip you with valuable feedback. Any smart business owner will utilize this feedback to create and conserve a deeper rapport with these web site visitors, these potential customers for your small business.

You want to stake your claim as the best in your industry? Start a blog. Crafting comprehensive, meaningful blog posts can establish you as a thought leader in your field. Thought leaders in small business are the experts to whom customers flock to seek answers and to spend their money, often repeatedly.

You want to seriously improve your search engine rank results? Yeah, you already know what we’ll say.

Google and other search engines take into account ideals like freshness and relevance when determining value (or, for web searchers, the ranking of results) for a particular search. By its very nature, a blog encourages the dynamic refreshment of comprehensive content.

Ssh — just a little secret — Google rewards this practice of regular updating with higher page rank. Don’t tell anybody. Promise?

Consider a blog as well for the benefits of inbound linking on your small business’s success. Google monitors the quantity of links to relevant keywords throughout any site. Blogging supports this process like throwing breadcrumbs attracts pigeons to a park bench.

Small business owner, this is only The Rewards of Blogging 101. Genius marketing experts, such as our superhuman team here at DCM Moguls, will help you graduate to serious business prosperity through blog. With Honors, of course.

You really ought to give us a call for us to spill all of our internet market secrets. (We hope enjoyed the one from earlier in this article!) But because we like you, we’re giving you a couple of tips on small business blogging, made easy.

Delegate a small team to consistently nurture your blog. You’re obviously stretched too thin to commit to full-time blogging. Why not invite that employee who moonlights as a wordsmith to contribute to the site? You can also lasso a local college or high school student, via a post on a site like Craigslist, who could write for your blog in exchange for an internship credit.

Compose a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. Sick and tired of uninformed customers eating up your phone plan with elementary questions? You can economize on the phone bill, and impress your customers, with the up-front details that define such a page on your blog. Incorporate into your FAQ page purchasing tips, advice on best using your products, and links (ideally to previously written blog posts) to meaningful information on the nature and desirability of your service or product.

Enjoyed these nuggets of wisdom? Our DCM Moguls team is chock full of such amazing know-how, tailored for even the most frazzled small business owner.

Work with DC Moguls on a new blog, and rest easier after your workdays. Nighty night.

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