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Why You Need Mobile Website Design

Welcome to the DCM Mogul blog where we like to discuss all things SEO. In this week’s post, we’d like to focus some attention on the all important task of creating mobile website design. The significance of the mobile web has never been greater in terms of determining online success than now, and this means building a mobile site is absolutely essential for doing business online. seo2

Around half of all online traffic is now made up by mobile users. The consequence of this is relatively small if your website is mobile ready, however, if it isn’t then the consequences can be grave. When competing in any industry or with any business, you’ll be working hard to offer your customer as much as you can. By operating online without a mobile ready site you’ll be giving yourself unnecessary challenges, trying to compete with only around half the possible audience pool.

Your reputation is also at stake if your website is not mobile ready. Let me explain. Each time a mobile user clicks on a link to a page of your website, instead of accessing your site as normal, instead they will see only a limited and highly disorganized version of your site. Buttons will be difficult or impossible to click on, all of your normal format will be jumbled, and in general, it will be painful to browse your site.

For today’s audience there is no time for messing around on websites that haven’t kept up to date, and as such, they are likely to leave your site with a negative connotation of your business.

Expand your potential
Last but not least, by developing a mobile website you will not only add an entirely new dimension to your business, you’ll also be expanding your potential in the long-term. Your mobile or responsive design will be a one off cost that adds crucial infrastructure to your business which will evolve and grow as the years go by.

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