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Mobile website design: Mobile First vs. Responsive Design.

The terms of mobile first and mobile responsive design may or may not be familiar to those who have had some type of interaction with the field of mobile website design. Website searches through mobile phones have become increasingly popular. Thus, it is important for a company to keep up with the latest trends. Want to know more about these two? Keep on reading then!

Mobile First Design.

Mobile First designs are made entirely for mobile phone users. It is pretty much similar to a mobile app and it adapts the layout to easily be viewed clearly on tablets and desktops as well. This does not really require many alterations to the original website. The website has excellent user experience, quick download speeds and great media content to engage your target audience. It also makes the website easy to navigate.

Mobile Responsive Design.

A responsive mobile website design adapts automatically when viewed on different types of screens. It adjusts according to the size of the device’s screen. This makes browsing easier from multiple devices. The website layout and content alter based on the browser’s dimensions. Here, you only need one website developed. The rest gets adapted according to the visitor’s device. This saves time and money as you do not need to get two websites developed.

Mobile First vs. Responsive.

Responsive designs are common among websites that deal with B2B approach. The site content is supposed to be reliable and informative. SO, they are heavily informative websites, easier for long forms and complex call to actions and most importantly, cost-effective. In addition to this, their development and maintenance take less time and effort. And, they are amazing for SEO strategies. However, this does make not a hundred per cent optimized for mobile devices.

On the other hand, the mobile first design gives the user a great mobile-friendly experience. They have a great app like interface, short-form content, one call to action per page and quicker download speeds. Additionally, this mobile website design provides a unique experience in terms of keeping you ahead of the competition and driving traffic. But the desktop version does not give optimum results and it is unsuitable for heavy content sites.

So, which one should you go for? It is easier to decide when you know what kind of audience do you have i.e. more desktop users or mobile phone users. Moreover, you need to look into your budget and the latest trend to get to the best decision for your business. So, have you decided yet?

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