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Okay, so you have probably received about five hundred million phone calls about Mobile Optimization. AND, like most people, you are probably wondering if this is JUST some sales pitch that an SEO company is throwing at you. So, what is the REAL deal on mobile optimization? Is this important to helping your business make more money?

Google tends to be a market mover. If Google thinks something is important and can increase profits… then there is a good chance it may be able to help your business too. According to Top Tech News, Google is prepping its own smartphone. YES, Google already owns the Android Operating Systems. Google also offers its own line of Nexus phones, but these are manufactured by partner firms such as HTC. So, why is Google now desiring to venture off on its own, direct mobile phone?

Simple, google sees the further expansion of mobile usage and functionality requests. This means more money. A LOT MORE MONEY. Your website is the same. There are two basic forms of a mobile website. The first is Responsive Design. The second, is a Full Mobile Website. Both are good. Both have advantages. So which is right for you? And how can you profit from this?

Click here to run an analysis on your website. It will run a scan to see if your site is already mobile, or if you are living in the stone age. Then, give us a call. For free, we can walk you through the report and try and pinpoint what needs to be done to convert your site. Take a look at this link as well, according to smart insights, 80% of searches are done on a mobile devise. You don’t want to miss out on 80% of your new business do you?

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