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Many claim to be Expert SEO Companies. Very Few Actually Are

It seems like these days anyone who can post an article to a directory or tag a picture on facebook thinks they’re an SEO specialist. With the mystique surrounding search engine optimization finally lifted, many feel that attaining high page rank is easy now, just a simple matter of securing a few backlinks, right? You can try doing it yourself if you like, but a word of caution up front – There is nothing simple about getting and maintaining a spot on Google Page One. You need the help of an experienced, expert SEO company.

Google changed its algorithm for determining page rank over five hundred times last year. Anyone who does business on the internet is familiar with Google Panda, the major change that happened back in February 2011, but did you know about the moves to make video SEO more important or the changes to incorporate Google translator into the formula? Do you know exactly what Google’s stance is on duplicate content or have you just been listening to the gossip on your social media network?

Top SEO firms like Dot Com Media Moguls have entire teams of people studying algorithmic changes and search patterns on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and smaller search engines. We want to make sure that every move we make on your behalf is one that is going to bring you more traffic and higher page rank. As an individual or even a small consulting firm you cannot do all of that on your own. Those who claim they can either have unrealistic expectations or are simply making false claims.

What’s in store for search in 2012? Only time will tell. We’re certain that video SEO and image indexing are two of the areas we’ll see the algorithms evolve. Content development, of course, will always remain the most weighted variable, but there should be some changes in the way tags, descriptions, snippets, and RSS content are indexed. They haven’t quite gotten it all right yet, but they’re getting closer. We’re watching closely and will keep you posted as new changes are made.

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