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Making The Most Of Video SEO

One of the most recent trends in marketing has been the rise in the use of video SEO, or search engine optimization, to drive up results in online marketing strategy by using popular videos that achieve great results with popular search engines to drive up rankings and traffic with key phrases. Internet marketers have learned to strategically use these videos to stand out and increase sales through a number of factors. Videos, particularly high-quality videos with well-placed keywords, are an integral tool in modern marketing strategies.

  • Quality and Quantity – It goes without saying that having a large number of videos will boost your presence on social media and the Internet at large. But having videos of a very high quality is equally important, if not more so. Videos that are well made will be more likely to receive favorable reviews and feedback, and will consequently be more popular with your viewers, leading to more favorable video SEO results and therefore more traffic and more business for you and your company. Videos that manage to go viral drive in unbelievable amounts of viewership and traffic, and are a phenomenal asset to your marketing campaign.
  • YouTube Can Do It – It’s easy to overlook because it’s so widely popular that we take it for granted, but YouTube’s wide viewer base and powerful search engine make it essential for driving up your video SEO. Taking strategic advantage of optimization strategies when uploading to YouTube or any other hosting site will make a huge difference.
  • The Keyword to Success – Keywords are a big deal in online marketing strategies. Oftentimes, the strategic use of keywords can make of break your campaign, and thankfully there are many tools in place to help you do this, such as Google’s AdWords and similar programs and services. The Keyword Planner tool will also help you with monthly analysis to stay ahead of the game.
  • Backlink’s Back All Right – As you might expect, backlinks are just as important in video marketing as they are with any other web-based strategy. Using social bookmarks and carefully constructed channels and playlists to form an identity that drives traffic back to your content elsewhere is an absolute must in this type of promotional advertising.

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