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Making the most of Custom Blog Creation

Though custom blog creation is rarely hailed as the new hot topic in SEO, it none the less offers an affordable SEO method – open to all websites, one that is easy to manage in the short and long-term, and which can even be managed by yourself at home without any specialist SEO knowledge. So what are the perks of custom blog creation, and how can you start making the most of them?

First of all, a blog is a discrete section of your website which is within your site, yet, essentially, kind of separate. Many sites will have blogs, perhaps even most, even if you rarely pay them any heed. A blog will usually be entered with the simple click of a button, usually labelled blog, in the menu of a website.

Your blog is the perfect place to offer additional information that seemed too in-depth for your main webpages, while offering additional specialist info to your visitors. You can even run competitions to drum up buzz, if that works for you. It is also, crucially, one way that you might begin to engage with visitors who usually choose your competition over you.

Now, there are two main ways that a blog will work for you and your website. Firstly, as an invaluable SEO tool (we’ll come back to this, and secondly by appealing to a new audience.

The nature of blog posts means that they are usually very short, concise, bite sized nuggets of information. This means that you can post a dozen a month or more, easily, and over time this will fill up an archive of blog posts, each with its own hook dangling in the lake of the world wide web.

Each time that you write a blog post on a particular subject, that link is eventually going to be stumbled on by a user who, having entered the particular search, is likely to be thrilled to have found a response to their specialist concern, and therefore likely to return, viewing you as an expert in your field.

Finally, custom blogs work as an SEO tool for two key reasons. Firstly, regularly scheduled posts show the search engine that you are active. And secondly, because the more content you post, the better the search engine will understand your content, and the more likely it is to recommend it.

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