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Looking for top SEO inspiration for your website?

How do you build a website with top SEO practices to create something that is unique, popular with visitors, and well ranked and indexed by search engines? Well there is no straightforward answer that can be multiplied since all businesses are unique and will want to cater differently to their customer base. There are however some very highly recommended general guidelines that you can follow to progress your website over time.

How to design your site to please the search engine and your audience
There are different features of your design efforts for different purposes, and whilst many will be aimed toward your audience, it’s also important to keep the search engine in mind. When it comes to appearance though, you mainly need to concern yourself with what a visitor would like, since Google will mainly concern itself with customer satisfaction on this point. Keep your appearance minimal where possible as the key focus should always be on the content contained in the page rather than on the page itself.

You also need to consider structure when designing your website. How will your user, and search engine crawler robots, navigate your website? Consider how pages connect, how the main pages of your site will be formatted, and how your menu operates. A search engine boy should be able to skip from page to page of your site without hitting too many dead ends, and it is designed like this to simulate how a real customer would find browsing your site.

The importance of mobile design
Every website should now be built using what is known as responsive design. A responsive web design gives your website the capacity to adjust smoothly to any different device screen size, and with over half of all web traffic now coming from mobile browsers, this isn’t really something you can afford to opt out of.

What a blog can do for your site
By adding a blog to your site you’ll have an entirely new compartment within your website which is full of interest for your customer, and useful keywords which relate to the search engine. By posting regularly you will leave the main part of your site untouched, but will have a little extra going on backstage to help you to pull in traffic.

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