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Long-Term Mobile Website Design

In this week’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at mobile website design, especially in terms of developing a long term mobile website strategy. So without further ado…

Build a base
The first thing to focus on with your mobile website plans should be establishing a base from which you can build. You can create the most developed website going, but if at its foundation it is faulty then you’re always going to suffer problems.

On the other hand, if you focus on building a simple but reliable mobile web platform then you can always develop this as time goes on. seo1

Add to it
Once you have a reliable and functional foundation, you can begin to try new things out in order to improve either appearance, functionality, or speed, or by adding other utilities such as e-commerce, maps, or whatever you might find a use for.  Having built a solid base, you can add new tools to your site and if they work then fantastic, if not it’s simple to remove them and restore your base.

Keep trying new things. The mobile web, though relatively new, offers a huge potential for modifying your site and adding features. Perhaps most of these will have no benefit to you and your website, though many will.

We recommend using map services, and instant call. Particularly for any business that trades from a physical premises. Otherwise try out ghost menus that come in and out of sight in order to save space on each page of your site.

Keep in mind
When designing for mobile, always keep in mind a few key priorities related to the device itself. Unlike using a PC at home, all mobile sites must be navigated using fingers and thumbs. As such, ensure that all icons are large enough to be clicked without the need to constantly zoom in and out. You should also ensure that all text is a convenient size for the reader.

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