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Experience Exponential Growth For
Your Law Firm ! Get More Traffic,
More Calls, More Cases

Our Best-in-Class marketing approach will position your
Law Firm in front of 1000’s of potential clients searching
for Legal Services. We Guarantee Results !

Experience Exponential Growth For Your Law Firm ! Get More Traffic, More Calls, More Cases



    • 2 New Clients Per Month
    • Approx 18,000 in New Revenue Monthly


    • 12 New Clients Per Month
    • Approx 173,000 in New Revenue Monthly

Our Best-in-Class marketing approach will position your Law Firm in front of 1000’s of potential clients searching for Legal Services.
We Guarantee Results !

Unlock The Power Of Getting On-Demand Qualified Leads For Your Law Firm!

We connect our Attorneys with real people who have real legal issues . On average, our attorneys enjoy an impressive 300%-500%+ ROI.

That’s right –For every $1 invested they get $3-$5 back!
Book a free demo today and witness firsthand how we can revolutionize your law practice.

Before working with DCM, less than 10% of our new business came from the Internet. Today, the majority of our new clients call us directly after visiting our website.

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Phil Harding - Attorney

Thanks DCM and their team for making me a believer. I did not know that you can get clients from local online marketing and social media. I thought it was only word of mouth and referrals.

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Christopher Kalis - Attorney

Skyrocket Your Rankings And Calls In 90 Days (Or Less)

In many cases digital marketing campaign for our Attorneys can take up to 12 months to see results. At DCM, we know you can’t wait that long. It’s why we have performance guarantees in place where if we do not deliver initial results within the next 90 days we will work for free. Yes you heard us right, we will show you results or you can cancel at any time or we will work for free until we show you results .

Looking For More Leads?

Our Core Lead Generation Program offers the ideal solution for any law firm that needs to support multiple practices or office locations with a healthy amount of leads each week. Our Targeted Lead Generation Program is designed to help law firms find new clients who are looking for their services in local area. Our team of expert marketing professionals and industry experts with combined of 100 years of attorney marketing lead generation. This enables us to deliver the most comprehensive and effective marketing solutions for law firms in the entire USA.

Website Layout

Ready For A New Website?

We are willing to bet your current website could use either a facelift or a complete overhaul. This is not something that attorneys generally have the time or energy to handle on their own. Our digital marketing gurus have plenty of experience designing websites for law firms and are ready to go to work building yours.

The key thing to remember is that when you entrust your website to us, you are going to get something special in return. Unlike other agencies, we do not pick from a few old templates and force your message and information into it. We use what we know about your brand (including your services and target audience) in order to create a one of a kind website that best tells your story.

Legal Content Development

Legal Content Development

When it comes to marketing, content is king no matter the industry.  Consumers are always looking for free, high quality resources. If your firm can deliver, then it will quickly establish a reputation as a trustworthy, expert source. With your already busy schedule, you don’t have the time to create resources for your website and social media pages, which is why our marketing team is here to help you out.

We understand the undeniable value that comes with creating high-ranking, high-converting, targeted and trusted legal content. This content is what will power your website to the top of search engine results and convert those website visitors into customers. Our team understands that it takes time and effort to craft and execute and impactful law content marketing strategy.


five star service


The Team You Need

We pride ourselves on providing a team that will fit right in with your existing company infrastructure. Our goal is to become an extension of what you are already doing successfully. Our law marketing experts are easy to work with and provide valuable insights and information. They are committed to delivering specialized solutions to push your firm forward towards your goals.

“It was a very productive call. It was a usual customer service call which I get from DCM every month but then Ninna presented me with AI ChatBot to try for 30 days free of charge – where after we implemented it within 2-3 weeks my ROI went up 200%. And this is just the beginning. As usual DCM you guys outdo yourself !!!“

Mark Rabinovich


DCM Marketing Expert

SEO For Lawyers

Having a great website is just the beginning of the robust strategy we will put together for you. We will also fully optimize your website including keywords, improving page loading times, technical upgrades, page titles, and meta descriptions. We are committed to pushing your website further up the search result page.

Research tells us that more and more consumers are using Google to find a law firm, which is why we commit to full optimization. This is where a sizable amount of your leads will come from over time. We are ready to develop a comprehensive SEO/PPC strategy that will increase your number of quality leads and help you convert more clients.

Attorney Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! In its purest form, it is a type of advertising that is delivering through digital channels such as your website, SEO, SEM, e-mails, text messages, and social media. If you’d like, we would be happy to set up a call to walk you through several examples that would work for your brand.

We’re glad you asked! It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the process of improving your website to be easily found in relevant search results. Traditionally, SEO strategies focus on improving your standing for popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

Digital marketing is ideal because you can always track your money and how effective the campaign was in reaching your goals. If something is not working, you can always adjust your spending, channel, or messaging until you get it right. We are continuously monitoring our campaigns to make sure your digital initiatives are fully optimized.

Customer Retention Marketing is the process of engaging your existing customers and motivating them to continue buying from your company. This is done by putting your brand in front of these customers in the form of various digital campaigns such as social media and e-mail marketing. This is different from lead-generation because you have already converted these customers.