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It’s September, the end of the year is creeping up upon us. As the owner or managing partner of a law firm, you take time to review your year-to-date marketing efforts. The fourth and final quarter will soon be here, you want to see a fruitful ROI from your advertising campaigns, so you call a meeting with your staff and law firm marketing agency. You’ve been receiving lots of calls lately from other law firm digital marketing companies, all who claim your current efforts are a waste of time. Is it true, have you once again been made a fool by law firm marketing companies that over promise and under deliver?

If the above scenario sounds familiar, or worse, if you’re currently stuck in this position, don’t feel alone. Far too often attorneys find themselves at a total loss when they ask their law firm marketing agency to provide a detailed ROI report. Yes, you get tons of reports about your rankings, keywords, and of course “impressions”. Ah, you have to love the numbers on “impressions”.

Guess what, this is all nonsense that you don’t care about. It’s about as valuable as the paper hung next to your toilet (okay bad example from COVID standards – who hoards toilet paper). The point being, you NEVER intended to spend a PENNY of marketing money to get impressions or views or clicks. You INVESTED money in marketing to make a RETURN on your investment. Guess what, your current law firm advertising agency never cared about a return on your investment. They cared about their bottom line.

Today, we’re going to discuss questions and concerns you may want to voice when first interacting with law firm digital marketing companies. We will also talk about things we do well, why you may want to utilize our law firm marketing company, and guess what… we will also touch on things we aren’t that well versed on.

Our goal is to provide transparent information. Are we the best law firm marketing company? No, just like attorneys, we can’t claim to the best law firm marketing agency. We can however state that we believe you should work with the law firm marketing company that is best suited for YOU and YOUR law firm.

Roll up your sleeves, grab a pen and paper, and let’s get down to business. Here is how you find the best law firm digital marketing company for your practice.

Top 3 Questions to Ask a Potential Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency

The scenario we painted above may have made you sick, or perhaps pissed off and sick. We understand. The bulk of our clients don’t come to us as law firm advertising virgins. Instead, they’ve been put through the ringer by a handful (or two) of so-called law firm marketing digital specialists. All who have “talked the talk” but never “walked the walk”.

While we do feel for you, and it’s not right, do you know who’s truly to blame for this repetitive pattern of nonsense? Yes, the law firm digital marketing company pitching you a bunch of “snake oil” truly is at fault. However, the real person to blame is YOURSELF. Sucks to hear the truth, we know. But, it’s the best medicine for you right now.

If you’re taking the time to read our article, or if you’re wasting your VALUABLE time (hence you are an attorney who can bill $500 an hour) searching the web for a new digital marketing company that focuses on law firms, you’re fed up with your current ad agency. So, telling you the truth, the blunt honest truth, is the best thing we can do for you. You BOUGHT in and DRANK the “kool-aid” spewing from some sales rep’s mouth. You got hung up on BOGUS reviews some law firm advertising agency had. And the whole time they painted a picture as if your phones would ring off the hook, you FAILED to ask questions. Better said, you never cross examined a potential law firm digital marketing agency.

Here are 3 questions we believe every attorney should ask each and every potential law firm digital marketing company they talk with. Guess what, you should even ask US these questions. Don’t trust anyone in the law firm advertising jungle. Go with verified reports and real data. Go with Dot Com Media. Okay we slid that in for our own marketing, deal with it. Check out the top 3 things you should discuss with ANY potential law firm digital marketing agency.

Ask to Speak with Attorneys Who Practice Your Area of Law

If you’re being pitched by a law firm digital marketing company that they ROCK at helping YOUR particular area of practice QUALITY case leads, ask them to prove it. Look, if you’re on the phone with ANY advertising agency who claims they are successful at helping personal injury, criminal defense, employment law, family law, who cares what ever law attorneys obtain better cases and more cases, than OBVIOUSLY they have REAL law firms to show you. Attorneys who do what you do, right?

Simply put, ask to speak with attorneys who practice your area of law. Actually PICK UP THE PHONE and CALL THEM. Ask about the good things, the bad things, time frames, ask AS MANY questions as you can. Your peers are your best bet to learning more about real results and what your expectations should be, should you choose to work with a specific law firm digital marketing agency.

Verify Your Law Firm Digital Marketing Agencies Credentials

How many times a day does your law firm get bombarded by calls from so called “Google Partner Firms”? We know, we get it, and it’s insane. Look, a Google Partner Firm badge DOESN’T mean an agency works for Google, it doesn’t mean they have some secret inside track, or they have access to Google. All it truly means is that they manage a specific amount of Google spends, they’ve done it for a long enough time to get recognition from Google, and they are in good standing.

Guess what, this makes a HUGE difference. Just as we advised above, that if some law firm digital marketing agency is claiming they’ve helped so many specific types of lawyers get better leads, they should be able to provide you those SAME attorneys to talk to… if an agency is claiming they KNOW how to run successful ad campaigns, they should have proof.

A very small percentage of law firm digital marketing agencies are Google Partners, and an even SMALLER percentage of Google Partners are PREMIER GOOGLE PARTNER FIRMS. We are, and chances are your current agency is not. Does our badge and accreditation mean we are the best law firm digital marketing company around? No, it does not. Is it a true and honest indicator that we manage a lot of paid ad campaigns? Yes, it is. And, if we weren’t successful, our law firm clients would leave. They don’t. Enough said.

Don’t be Cheap – Be Honest About Your Past Marketing Spends and Fund an Honest Budget

Okay, so this last one isn’t truly a question for you to ask, as much as it is a concern you should address. Your current law firm advertising campaign isn’t working. If it was, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Your phones aren’t ringing and you haven’t earned an ROI. It’s obvious your campaign is broken. However, what is it that isn’t working? Why has your current campaign, and all your past campaigns, seemed to always fall short?

It may be partially your fault. Again, honesty is the best policy. We are not here trying to upset you, heck, we are trying to SELL you. Yes, just like we’re being blunt with you, we’re also blunt and honest with ourselves. Do you really think we are writing this blog out of the kindness of our heart? NO WAY. We want you and your credit card. Our goal is to earn you as a client. But, we ALSO know that WE HAVE to make you MONEY. If we don’t you will walk away from us and that’s just a waste of our time and your time.

Simply put, most law firm digital marketing companies are so stressed out to sign new clients they BEND and BREAK when it comes to budgets. And, most attorneys become penny pinching bankers when it’s time to talk spends. This is where a GOOD campaign can go BAD quickly.

You need to STOP looking at the money you spend on advertising as a COST and you need to START looking at your campaign as an INVESTMENT. You want new cases, you want to make money. The job of a law firm digital marketing agency is to analyze, build, and manage a campaign that brings you QUALITY leads that YOU SELL and turn into PAYING clients. It’s a partnership, that’s how you EARN an ROI. Don’t go cheap with your marketing spend. It’s the first step in the WRONG direction and you will NEVER overcome it.

Working with a Premier Google Partner Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency

As we mentioned above, being a Google Partner of a Premier Google Partner doesn’t mean we are the best law firm marketing company. However, it does prove that as a law firm digital marketing agency, we’ve run and managed a significant amount of campaigns. Think about it law firm terms. If you’re a personal injury attorney, and you’ve won over $500 million dollars for accident victims, it doesn’t mean you are the best personal injury lawyer in your market. However, it DOES prove a lot about your track record of success.

Our law firm digital marketing company has been around for nearly 20 years. Not 3 years, not 5 years, not even 10 years. Almost 20 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, we have over 100 real and verifiable reviews, you can TALK to our law firm clients, and we are an actual Premier Google Partner.

Is Dot Com Media the Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency Right for You and Your Practice?

Okay, so, if you’re still reading our article we haven’t fully offended you. Yes, we are blunt, and yes we may come off rude. It’s not meant to be. Truly, it’s the opposite. For too long now attorneys have been ripped off by law firm advertising agencies who paint pictures that don’t exist. All the fluff and nonsense sales reps spew out NEVER touches on what you CARE about, which is obtaining MORE quality leads you can convert to paying clients.

Above, we talked about the three things we believe are important for you to talk about and consider before you hire a law firm digital marketing company. Now, we want to take a minute and be blunt about what we do well, and what we don’t do well. This way, if we are a fit for each other, we can make some magic happen.

Let’s discuss if Dot Com Media is the law firm digital marketing agency right for you and your practice.

We Have a Proven Track Record and a Method that Works – Don’t Try to Change It

If you want to get better quality leads, if you’re truly ready to work with a law firm marketing agency with nearly 2 decades of success keeping lawyers happy, we’re a good fit. However, if you want to do things your way, or you don’t want to take part in the things we need from you, we’re not a good fit. Our job is to make you A LOT of MONEY because we want to get paid a PIECE of that money. We are not cheap, but that’s because we actual do what we say and we get you the results you want, an ROI.

If you’re ready to follow our lead, let’s go crush your competition. On the same note, if you want to do things your way, it won’t work.

Our Campaigns are Built to Provide an ROI – You Cannot Under Fund a True Lead Generation Campaign

You are currently searching for a real solution to your law firm’s marketing woes. Our job is to build and manage advertising campaigns that provide a return on your investment. You cannot under fund a campaign we build. Other agencies will tell you they can “move mountains” for $1,900.00 a month. Bless their hearts, go sign up with them. In 3 months, we can talk again after you get squat in return.

If you’re sick of the same old same old, do something different. Isn’t it said that the definition of insanity is going the same thing over and over but expecting a different result? You KNOW your competitors are spending thousands to HUNDREDS of thousands on TV, Billboards, Radio, ad AdWords. Don’t send us into battle with squirt guns when your competitors are toting assault rifles.

Give us the ammunition to take down your competition and we will take your law firm to the promised land.

Be Willing to Think Beyond Digital Marketing – This is About Growing Your Law Firm

Our law firm digital marketing agency does a lot more than just law firm SEO and paid ads. We want to get to a point where we can open up our full arsenal of advertising campaigns. If you are of the mindset that you ONLY want to focus on digital advertising, you are selling your law firm short. TV, Radio, Billboards, and other advertising vehicles are great for helping law firms obtain quality case leads.

Don’t become narrow minded. It’s not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. If we come to you with marketing ideas outside of the digital space, don’t rush to shoot them down. Remember, we don’t lock our law firm clients into contracts. Our job is to make you MONEY, so when we bring an idea to the table, it’s because we’ve vetted it and we believe it’s a solid tool to drive you better leads.

Get More Cases for Your Law Firm – Talk With our Law Firm Digital Marketing Company Today

We hope you enjoyed our article today. We talked about 3 things we believe every attorney should discuss with a potential law firm digital marketing agency. In addition, we touched on things we believe we excel at and things that may be a sign we are not the right law firm advertising agency for you. At the end of the day, DCM builds law firm advertising campaigns with the sole purpose of providing a return on your investment.

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