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Inspirational Mobile Website Design

Trying to build your company or personal website from scratch or renovating your existing site can be a hell. With so much possibility yet so much complexity it seems impossible to begin. But it isn’t impossible to make a simple but inspirationally mobile website design, and there are plenty of experts ready to help.

But what makes for inspirational mobile website design, and how can you begin to put one together?

Well first of all it’s great to do your research. Even if you’re planning on paying an SEO expert to build your mobile website, if you’re looking for the best then you need to find inspiration. Look around the web first and check your competition, if all have a particular feature then maybe there is a particular reason for it and perhaps it’s  something you should consider in your brief.

Do some web searches to find out what people call certain design elements that you like the look or feel of, or ask your web developer by sending them examples. Once you’ve done all of this, here are some more really useful tips used by many of the most inspiration mobile website designs.

Keep it clean

Perhaps the number one rule of mobile website design is to keep it clean and simple. This helps to keep the viewer’s eye focussed on your content, and gives a more classic appearance.  

Having a minimal design also helps with one of the most important issues with mobile browsing – speed. Having an abundance of media and decoration might slow your site down, and with mobile browsing already temperamental, this is a big problem with mobile design.

Take advantage of handheld features

Continuing the theme of keeping it clean, when defining for mobile remember to keep in mind that your viewer will be using a small screen, and their hand. This means using larger and perhaps fewer different icons for navigation, and opens up potential for horizontal rather than vertical scrolling.

Optimise screen space

It’s key that you make the absolute best use of screen space when designing for mobile. This can be done simply with things like efficient formatting, but more exciting techniques include using hidden or cascading menu screens and other neat features.

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