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Infographics and their use in SEO

As you may have noticed we live in a visual world, and you might want to consider a highly successful marketing tool for your website. This tool is infographics and Dot Com Media can help you develop the best use of this technology for your web page. An infographic is a visual representation of information. Instead of writing an article or blog post that covers a lot of ground and uses enough stats and percentages to make the reader’s head spin and lose interest, you can create an infographic that ties it all together in a quick image. An infographic benefits an SEO campaign because, if it’s good, it will be shared and help build your link portfolio. Yes, it is true that images don’t have SEO value because the search engine can’t read them, but keep in mind your target audience will. So in the end you still get your message across.

Imagine using this functionality on your company Facebook page – your customers can be linked to the infographic on your website, and get information, and then go back to your Facebook page. Keep in mind web users can be very impatient. If they do not get the information they are looking for quickly, they may lose interest – this is where infographics can be beneficial. They pretty much get to it from an information distribution point of view. They capture the information required, and keep the customer’s interest all the time. They are also more fun to read than a long blog post or article and tend to be very visually appealing using attractive design and graphics.

Infographics need to be good quality in order to attract the user into using them. Dot Com Media will help you with the ground work and research to create an infographic that is really worth sharing. If you are going to show this on your website you need to do it right, and we will help you every step of the way to compete and capture your customer’s attention, and increase your customer base that allows you to gain more business.

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