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Increasing Sales with a Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

To carry out a professional marketing campaign you need a targeted email marketing list. Having one of these can ensure that your message reaches the right people, thus increasing your potential for more business. There are rules and guidelines that should be followed in a successful email campaign.

Don’t buy email lists. These are expensive and they are not targeted for your business. The only people who benefit are the list sellers.
Don’t send emails that are meaningless. Always make sure they are relevant to your product and are up to date.
Don’t send too many. A targeted email marketing campaign is only going to work if your subscribers are not bombarded with so much mail they lose interest.
To get your list off the ground, have an opt-in page on your website. This way you are only sending emails to those who want them. If necessary, offer a free product or service for those who sign up. Use social bookmarkingsites to drive traffic to your page.
Your targeted email marketing methods should be carried out in a professional manner. Use an auto responder so that all of your opt-ins are contacted immediately. This can also be set to send out your mails on set dates and times. The best ones are not free but they work for you, not against you.

When you set up your targeted email marketing campaign make sure you have a set of emails ready to send. The first will be the acknowledgement of opt-in with a link to their incentive. Future emails will contain valuable content and offers to keep their attention. Use you auto responder program to ensure these are sent out regularly and to all on your list – missing one out could result in the loss of a sale and the loss of future business.

Setting up your targeted email marketing campaign is the first step. Driving traffic to continue building your list is next. Use a mixture of methods if you like, including PPC, directory submissions, etc., although one of the best methods is to use social bookmarking as it drives highly relevant traffic to you.

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