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Importance of Social Bookmarking in Online Marketing and Organization

Social bookmarking refers to an online service which allows the users to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks within the online web. It is used to send links of interesting contents to other people. It manages data, information, and links well because it allows people to save links to the web. Social bookmarking also allows users tag a web page with the web-based tool to be accessed easily on another device. Online bookmarks can be accessed anywhere as long as users have the internet connection and this allows them to manage more items efficiently.

Social bookmarking has been effective in online marketing and organization; it is also efficient for ongoing workloads as bookmarks can be bookmarked can be accessed from several devices as long as the same online account in logged in. Most social bookmarking sites display items based on most popular and recently added data, information, or graphics.

It targets proper organization and easy accessing as it allows users to choose from proper headings, tags, or titles that specifically cater to the things they want to see. Social bookmarking narrows down items that users are looking for. These are sites on which internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos.

Aside from organization, social bookmarking also moves towards increasing brand awareness. It helps to promote the topics specifically and helps users find the websites that display the articles based on their own interest. It also targets social communication as it connects with other users and recommends articles which may prove to be useful and informative to them.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

  • Organization – allows data and information to be compiled using a user-generated description, tags, titles and categorization
  • Easy website access – social bookmarking can introduce a site to a search engine, therefore promoting the site’s internal page to more users a

Social Bookmarking’s role in the website promotion

  • Quality Traffic – Social bookmarking provides an opportunity to get a lot of new traffic. This boosts the site’s popularity because the topics that are searched are within the site that users are promoting
  • Higher Potential to be seen on search engines
  • Proper tagging attracts more client and visitors as it can easily be accessed and navigated

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