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The Importance of Good Mobile Website Design

Here we’ll be taking a look at why mobile website design is so important for competing online. We’ll also be offering some top tips for all good mobile websites. By now over half of all web traffic is represented by mobile devices, and we are also seeing the same trend in how people spend their money online. As such, you should think of the mobile web as representing about half the worth of your website overall.

Despite this, many websites are still not designed for mobile use. This does, however, present an opportunity for more forward thinking and innovative businesses. The most common method for mobile website design now is responsive design. This superior platform offers far more than previous methods, while also being far more practical and affordable.

Responsive design involves creating a website in a grid-based platform. The grid is used to scale each website relative to the screen size used. This allows all websites to offer more or less the same format for mobile devices as for desktop users. But crucially without requiring two websites to be designed alongside one another.
Your mobile website design will be subject to many of the same rules as your normal website. Though there are also some special considerations to bear in mind with mobile design. First and foremost, consider the medium. Your mobile website visitors will need to navigate your site with fingers and thumbs. So be sure that all clickable icons, links, and navigation tools like menus are large enough.

Mobile websites are also subject to less consistent network than when browsing at home. This means that a special focus should be given to speed with mobile websites. Be sure to strip away any elements that you don’t need from your web pages. Especially heavy media items that take a long time to load.

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