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Ideas to reinvigorate your mobile website design

Your mobile website design is important, and getting it right can be a delicate task. You want to be able to host all of your content without compromising it, though you do have certain limitations which don’t necessarily apply to your desktop website. With mobile design it’s crucial that you are more efficient with space and data to keep it running quickly, and for this reason it can be of profit to use more simple techniques to reinvigorate a tired looking website.

Try new fonts, backgrounds, and borders
This might seem a little too simple, but by making just a few tweaks to your existing design you can maintain an air of consistency while renewing your website without isolating your visitors. Your priority should be to keep your content as the focal point of every page, think of your design as the frame around your content.

Horizontal not vertical scrolling
With mobile devices the space on the small screen is one of the biggest concerns with designing for mobile. Therefore you need to be able to display your content as space efficiently as you can. One great innovation for this point is the creation of horizontal browsing as opposed to a traditional up and down age format. Your user can simply tap left or right to click the page or move to the next image rather than constantly scrolling.

Ghost buttons
Another innovation that makes a big difference when it comes to saving space, but which also looks fantastic. A ghost button is a clickable icon which, rather than looking so obviously like a button, can simply be a piece of text, and which can be placed overlapping anything , including high res photography.

Hidden menus
Again hidden menus are a fairly new way of designing for mobile, and again they were created to solve the problem of saving space like so many of the others we’ve mentioned, demonstrating perfectly just how important it is. Hidden menus are only visible when being used, before fading off screen to leave the space for the content, rather than blocking part of the screen for your audience.


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