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How to Use Video SEO to Increase Traffic

If you want to take advantage of adding video to your website, then you will need to use good video SEO. As with other forms of SEO (search engine optimization), this involves optimizing the way you include your video so that search engines can index it. Before adding more video to your website, then look over these suggestions for how to use search engine optimization to increase traffic to your website.

File Type and Video Size
Before adding video to your content on your website, you will need to think about the size of the file and the type of file being used. If you do not need the video to be viewed in high definition, then you should consider using a smaller video resolution. This will allow the video to load quicker. When someone goes to a website and a video takes a long time to load, users are likely to move on to another page. There are also different formats for video, such as SWF, FLV, and MPEG. Knowing which format loads quickest will help.

Using Titles is a Form of Video SEO
A good title will help people discover your video. When your video appears in search engine results, users will likely click on a link within several seconds. Having a title that stands out and is relevant to specific search terms will results in more clicks. Keep your title short and to the point. You do not want to trick users into clicking on your link. Instead, your title should be informative and helpful.

Include Content on the Page
Another aspect of good video SEO is including content on the same page as the video. Not only do users want to watch your video, they will also want some supplementary content to go along with the video. This will also help your video appear in search engine results, as content is king.

Use YouTube to Host Videos
When possible, you can use YouTube to host your videos. This can cut down on the load time and provide users with more options when the video is done playing. For example, if you have posted other videos, YouTube will suggest these videos after the initial video is done playing.

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