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How to Succeed at Social Bookmarking

Social media is the way forward for business these days. It’s a huge world, visited by literally millions of people every single day. Choose one or all of them for the best way of marketing your business. 3 of the best social bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon and these should be your first port of call.

Delicious was one of the first social bookmarking sites and can still be counted as the most popular. When you first join you need to create a user profile. Make sure to add in a short bio and website link. Now you can import your links and save them into categories, add comments and invite friends and colleagues to add their own links in as well. These will become public so others can see them. It’s one of the best ways to make people aware of your business and increase traffic.

Digg is one of the top social news sites; you can find and share content from anywhere. Found a webs page you like? Submit it to Digg and let others see it and vote on the content too. All content is placed into categories for easy use. If you use a custom blog creationservice they will submit your blog to Digg. This all serves to increase your search rankings, depending on the votes your blogs get. It also serves to send traffic your way.

Stumble Upon is classed as a “discovery engine”. It will suggest sites that you can stumble upon, based on your interests; feedback for your flowers and those that you follow. You can rate each site that is suggested to you and, if your site is chosen for others to see, their votes will have an effect on your page rankings. Custom blog creation sites will forward your blogs for inclusion in the index, thus increasing the chances of traffic to your site and the more potential for new customers.

Whether you choose social bookmarking, or custom blog creation, all 3 of these platforms are an excellent way of advertising your business, increasing traffic and page rankings, with very little effort required.

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