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How To Optimize Your Website With Online Dental Marketing To Supercharge Your Practice

Online Dental Marketing

A well-designed website can be a powerful online dental marketing tool which helps grow the business of dentistry in more ways than one. After all, more site visitors equals more leads, equals more sales acquisitions, equals profitability. However, many fail to tap the full benefits of a dental website by not employing the right methods to their advantage. You must realize that nowadays, your dental marketing does not stop at having a website in place – people have to know about it. Clients will not just visit your website because it is there, you have to make them come to you. Thus, you would want your website to show up in Google’s organic search results. This is where you will be required to work towards your dental SEO in order to achieve your marketing goals successfully. Warning: a bit of work is involved to get there, but it is definitely a doable task that can be highly rewarding.

Here are 8 things you need to do for your website that will exponentially grow your dental practice, one denture after another.

Create different service pages

A good web page will convince future patients to book an appointment with you, even if they were not planning to visit just yet. In dentistry, you provide a variety of general services such as fillings, implants, orthodontics, periodontics, to name a few. Given their distinct characteristics, putting all of them in just one web page can be pretty overwhelming and convoluted. Instead, you can place these services under one tab, which drops down to your itemized list. dedicated web pages will not only improve your structuring, they will make it easier for search engines like Google to identify your content. It also facilitates better understanding for patients of how it differs from the others, and the benefits they stand to get if they avail of it.

Make each page SEO-friendly

Your website is as good as non-existent if you do not incorporate effective dental SEO strategies. Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving, causing strategies that work now to no longer be as effective within just a month. Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly improving their algorithms. It s crucial that you update relevant keywords and key phrases alongside secondary keywords to stuff in your web pages, but you must be careful not to overdo this.

Make each page SEO-friendly

Provide meta information

While it is important to make your website content as interesting to read as it should be, you should consider how the computer is able to understand it as well. As such, your web pages should have corresponding meta information, which is composed of meta tags and meta description. They provide a short summary of your web page and are part of the HTML code of your website. They are displayed every time they come out in the search engine results, which is why they should be compelling enough to attract the user to click on the link.

Your footer should include your contact details

Although it is located at the bottom of the web page, you must know that your website footer is just as important as your header. Some companies have seen a 50 percent increase in their conversions once they have optimized their website footer. Based on web design standards, you should place your dental contact information in this space, which is always visible to the reader as it indicates that they have reached the end of that particular page. This may include the complete address, map, and telephone number which will help with your local SEO.

Do not forget your images with alt text alongside them

Another way to contribute to your dental SEO is to add alt text to the photos on your website. This makes for a backup description in case there is a failure in loading your images. It also facilitates identification of search engine crawlers in order to rank your website. Here, you should also employ your keywords and should always be in context. For example, your profile photo should have an alt text that displays your name and clinic location for easy reference.

Show actual testimonials

We usually promote our services by highlighting the potential benefits to the client. What better way to seal your claims than to ask your patients to attest to them with their actual experience and include them in your content. More than 70 percent of patients begin their quest by going over online customer reviews first. Hence, you can create a specific page for your patient feedback, which will directly appeal to your site visitors and enhance your SEO at the same time.

Show actual testimonials

XML sitemap

XML sitemaps can help your dental SEO. Acting like your website’s roadmap, it helps Google find your important web pages a lot quicker. This will entail you ranking your own web pages individually, which are typically composed of a homepage, services page, about us, contact, etc. They also need the frequency of your updates, all of which matter to your search rankings.

Check your web stats

For every improvement you implement in your website, you should check if they are actually making sense for you. You can install Google Analytics for free, which can provide statistics on the number of your site visitors, the amount of time they spend navigating your site, their geographical location, among many other things. You will also be alerted if you are losing your numbers, perhaps due to updated search engine algorithms, or a shortage of new content.

Final thoughts

Remember, consistency is key in maintaining your website’s dental SEO standing. Your practice can only benefit from it, so keep your content relevant and competitive at all times. If you need help in this area, you can count on the SEO specialists at DCM Moguls. We will make sure your brand gets to be on the web radar of your targeted consumers.

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