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How To Optimize Digital Marketing For Lawyers

Digital Marketing For Lawyers

When faced with legal matters, where do people go? Before they come knocking your office door, they often reflexively turn to the internet to check their options. It is fast, easy and convenient. That is why, if you want your law firm to maximize its potential, you should not overlook this huge market, which can help your client base grow exponentially.

There will always be lawsuits that need to be filed, or clients to defend who are caught in all sorts of dire situations. These could involve divorce, labor issues, breaches of contract, accident compensation, unpaid debts, and other disagreements between two, three, four parties – you know the drill. Awkward as it may sound, lawyers will likely never run out of work because of these realities.

While many types of transactions fuel law practice, the truth is that there are also numerous law firms out there competing for the same set of clients. It is just not enough that you have clients here and there, you cannot be successful if you do not grow their numbers. Thankfully, your efforts can go the distance with digital marketing for lawyers.

What is digital marketing?

When you are tapping the online market, you will want your law firm’s website to generate more visitors and leads. Digital marketing is promoting one’s brand to help your online prospects connect with you. It involves using different channels of digital communication such as email, web, social media, etc.

Digital marketing for lawyers can be exercised through the following aspects:

digital marketing


Law firms are constantly battling for clients’ attention, both offline and online. Search Engine Optimization aims to put you among the top results in search engines such as Google, which is the largest of them all. SEO serves as your main source of organic web traffic. You should take advantage of those who are already looking for lawyer services and related matters. Keywords such as divorce-attorney-near-me, or tax lawyer, are a no-brainer when it comes to investing in your law firm’s SEO. You will need SEO tactics geared towards providing legal information and highlighting your expertise, otherwise your law firm will likely be drowned out by your competition.

PPC/ Google AdWords

Maybe it is proving to be a long process before you can outrank other law firms in the search results. If you want an instant first page showing on Google, you can invest in Pay Per Click services, or advertise on Google Adwords. PPC and Google AdWords are a form of digital marketing for lawyers in the form of paid ads that enhance visibility and lead generation. As the term suggests, you will pay a certain fee for each visitor that clicks on your advertisement. This is quite an expensive route compared to solely enhancing your law firm’s SEO. However, you can make attract clients sooner while acquiring useful data along the way.

Social media

You might wonder if this form of digital marketing for lawyers is useful for your industry, resulting in being an underutilized form of marketing. Actually, they are no longer limited as merely social media platforms per se. Many people turn to Facebook, Instagram, and the like to get product information and customer reviews. Hence, updating them with relevant and helpful eye-catching posts enhances your image and trustworthiness. You can easily engage with prospective customers by giving them advice which can be shared with others, putting you in front of millions of users everyday. Remember, though, that even if you have gained a following, conversion may take a while. It is important to nurture your relationship with your followers so when the time comes, you will automatically be the obvious and perhaps their only choice.

Content marketing

Consider this: a good amount of those sending legal searches likely very important to the one sending them. Your corporate website should cater to this by providing content that matters to most people. You can add FAQ’s, articles, and videos as ways of answering the most burning questions. These will present you with more opportunities to include interesting content which will help bolster your SEO at the same time, especially if you are maximizing the use of relevant keywords in your articles.

While you can employ all the above forms of digital marketing, it is best to focus on which ones will be most optimal for your law firm. As such, you should use the following steps that will help you arrive at your most effective strategies:

Create your goals for digital marketing

For some, it’s go big or go home. However, you must take note that you have to be realistic about your goals and they should be attainable. Such goals could be about increasing the number of your scheduled initial consultations, or perhaps improving web traffic for your site. These will lead to an overall goal of acquiring new paying clients and cementing your image as a reliable legal services provider.

Identify your target client

Identify your target client

Depending on the geographical coverage of your law firm, you might need to focus your marketing efforts on clients located in a particular area where your law firm is based. Also, you can research other websites and platforms which your potential customers are frequently using. This will give you insight on what topics you can include in your own platform to draw clients directly to you.

Review your current directory listings

Your law firm can benefit from regularly checking your listing in legal directories. Adding notes and relevant information will help attract visitors to your own site and may even merit their outright consideration if they need a lawyer to handle their case.

Determine the changes needed to improve your website

Make sure that your content aligns with your image and branding. If your law firm specializes in personal injury cases, then you should have several articles on the subject. We mentioned earlier the practice of embedding keywords in your articles for SEO’s sake. If your site lacks engagement, you may put a comments section after every blog or article you post to get a feel for your prospects.

Delve deeper into the world of digital marketing with DCM Moguls and reap the benefits in your practice.

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