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How to Get Phone Calls Today from Clients, Not 6 Months From Now

The MATH Doesn’t Lie

DCM was recently asked to attend the 2018 Summer Meeting for the California Applicants Attorneys Association. As a proud sponsor of the American Bar Association, and an attendee of other notable conferences such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, we were honored to appear as a Premier Google Partner Firm. We are always excited to have an opportunity to talk about Google Ads and additional services that are available to expand business branding on Google.

This convention however brought something to light that we were a bit in the dark about. We were astonished to hear how very little law firm clients actually understood about how Google Ads work. When speaking to the majority of attorneys at the conference almost none knew about click through ratios, bounce ratios, or user experience scores and their relationship to CPC (cost per click). Out of everything we heard, the most worrisome point of confusion centered around the bidding environment.

See, the bulk of law firms we spoke to did NOT understand how Google Ads worked. This means that whoever or whatever entity managing their campaigns failed to inform them of the process. Why is this bad? You have no idea where your money is going and what forms of marketing are yielding a return versus being “flushed down the toilet”. The MATH DOES NOT lie. This is what we tell each of our clients. Getting client calls off of Google comes down to mathematics. What is the beauty of math? It’s nigh foolproof if you follow the analytics.

Why are we writing this? SIMPLE, our jaws hit the floor when we heard how much attorneys were paying, and that they were NOT allocating any of that budget to services on Google, like Google Ads, Google 360, and managing your Google profile. We held a group demo and went over the numbers. The results, needless to say, were eye opening.

Blending Google Campaigns Yield PHONE CALLS

As a Premier Google Partner, we understand Google Ads. We could spend all day, scratch that, all WEEK talking about Ads and just barely scratch the surface. So here is the 'crash course' on why Ads and a blended Google campaign yields you PHONE CALLS NOW:

It's all in the math. We take a look at how many clients you want, what your profit margin is, the cost per click, which competitors are getting those clicks, and how they are getting them. We then 'reverse the math' and through a serious of organic blended techniques, we arrive at a campaign designed to send you targeted specific phone calls. All based on MATH.

That's right, you tell us what types of client calls you want and HOW many you want and we deliver to you a pinpoint, spot on answer about what you need to spend to get it. What's the best part? It works like a balance sheet. Everything can be tracked and recorded in order to HONE the campaign to your taste.

If you are ready to take control of your business and you're tired of paying for marketing that doesn't pay out, try our mathematical approach. Call us today!

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