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How To Generate More Inbound Calls

How To Generate More Inbound CallsThe term “inbound calls” refers to a call that is made to a business by an individual looking for a particular good or service. Inbound calls are incredibly valuable since they represent potential clients who are already close to a buying decision. Before an inbound call is placed, the caller has likely conducted a search, done some reading, and compared the company they are calling to others in the competitive landscape. Inbound calls do not just happen. A lot of marketing work goes into building an environment that would encourage someone to call.

Here are five things your law firm can do to help drive more inbound calls from people looking for legal services:

  • Turn your pay-per-click ads into pay-per-call ads. For years, digital advertising has been focused on pay-per-click. Ads are constructed in a way that drives searchers to a particular link. That link most likely leads them to a specific webpage with information and a conversion form. Instead of using links as your conversion point, we suggest using a phone number as your conversion point. If you push people to call rather than click, you will immediately see a rise in inbound calls.
  • Make your phone number easy to find. Have you ever needed to contact a business, and went insane looking all over their website for contact information? It is incredibly frustrating, and it is not something you should ever want your customer to experience. Make your phone number easy to find. Pin it to the top of your website, including it in your meta descriptions, and display it in your ads.
  • Utilize click-to-call buttons. Mobile searching is on the rise, which means that people are likely looking for legal services directly from their phones. Connect the dot for them and make it easy to call you by not only displaying your phone number everywhere, but by making your phone number clickable so that all anyone has to do is click a button in order to call.
  • Invest in a “good” phone number. How many phone numbers do you have memorized? We are willing to bet that it isn’t a lot. That’s because most phone numbers are 10 random digits that have no rhyme or reason to them. If your firm can secure a memorable phone number, then clients are more likely to remember it in their time of need. Repeating numbers are fantastic, so do your best to secure a number that is easy to commit to memory.
  • Track your inbound calls and make adjustments. Not every inbound call you receive will lead to new business, and it is vital to track the phone calls that don’t lead to anything. You may discover that a particular ad is resulting in a lot of junk calls and be able to adjust the advertisement accordingly. Marketing is nothing but conceptualizing, implementing, analyzing, and adjusting – so don’t forget to analyze and adjust!

If you need assistance in building an effective inbound call campaign, consider working with DCM Moguls. Our results-driven team excels at creating a steady flow of high-quality inbound calls for legal teams everywhere, so don’t wait, call today!

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