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How to Create a Successful Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

Targeted email marketing is a great way to inform customers about sales and promotions. Having a large number of customers that subscribe to your emails is great; however, making sure that they actually care about the contents of those emails is even more important. That is why the main part of Targeted email marketing is focusing on a specific customer base. This way you know that the people that receive your emails are more likely to be interested in the sales or promotions that you are providing.

Know Your Customers
Knowing the demographics of your customers is key to having a successful Targeted email marketing campaign. Part of this is knowing what page they used when they subscribed to your newsletter. If you have a website that sells personalized pet food bowls, you might have a page that specifically offers dog food bowls. Customers that subscribe to your emails from this page are less likely to care about sales and promotions for cat food bowls. This is the type of demographics that you should be using to determine what your customers care about. When a customer gets an email with content that is relevant to the reason they first went to your website, they are more likely to click on a link and buy more items.

Come Up With A Schedule
Another method of ensuring a successful Targeted email marketing campaign is to have a consistent schedule for sending out your emails. When a person subscribes to an email from a website, they are probably expecting to get one or two emails a week. If they get an email every day, there is a chance they may unsubscribe to your emails as they begin to fill up their mailbox. Decide how often you want to send out your emails and then pick the days of the week for them to be sent. Stick to this schedule and people will also know when to expect them.

It is also a good idea to provide links to sales and promotions on your website. This helps give a purpose to your emails. If the entire email is informational without any type of sale, the customer might not have any interest in them.

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