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How to Choose Experienced SEO Specialists

If you’re running an ecommerce website, you know the value of SEO to drive traffic and increase revenue. You’ve very likely done some internet research to find an SEO specialist to optimize your website. The problem is there are literally thousands of providers that promise to produce almost magical results for very little money. How do you know which specialist is genuine and who’s just making false promises? We’ll talk about the qualities to look for and how to choose the right SEO professional for your needs.

  • Just as in any other industry, experience matters. Look for a professional with a proven record. Ask to see their portfolio and look at how their clients’ websites performed. You should see a history of improved conversion rates and revenue.
  • Broad Perspective. Highly skilled SEO specialists will have an understanding of your service and products, along with your target market. He or she will see beyond rankings with the search engines and will design a strategy customized to your industry niche.
  • Site Optimization. Optimizing your website goes far beyond keywords and site content. Professionals in SEO know that a website must be structured appropriately and quality backlinks must be built in order to meet your business goals. To have a high performance website, you need on-site and off-site optimization.
  • Current SEO Knowledge. The field of SEO is ever-changing. Technological advancements and search engine algorithms occur at a rapid pace. Look for a professional who is proactive and demonstrates knowledge of current best practices in SEO.
  • Ethical Practice. In order to produce quick results, some consultants may resort to “Black Hat” techniques such as back doors or invisible text. These are illegal, decrease the quality of user experience and could cost a site owner in fines and penalties. A legitimate SEO specialist will follow the highest ethical standards.

Your first step as a business owner should be to write down what your budget and business goals are. Hiring an expert in SEO may not be cheap, but packages should be available that can be customized to meet both your budget and your goals. Ask questions, look at previous results and you’ll know the right SEO specialist to choose.

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