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How Responsive Data Queries Are Changing Mobile Website Design

When you consider that mobile browsing is the fastest growing area of the internet, it’s no wonder that web companies are starting to fret about the performance of their sites on mobile devices. Sure, some big brand companies have some pretty decent mobile optimised sites these days, but you will no doubt find on your phone web travels that there are plenty of sites that work pretty poorly. Naturally it depends on what sort of content you are viewing, and what you are trying to do with the information at hand.

When you consider your behaviour while browsing with a mobile phone, you will of course come to the conclusion that you are going to be zooming in and out a lot of the time, both to be able to see what’s written, and also at times to be able to get a clear picture of an overall page. This is most problematic when viewing tables. When you shrink tables they can become very hard to read on a mobile phone, but if you enlarge the text, then the portion of what you can view becomes far too small.

Fortunately, those that are savvy with Mobile Website Design are able to implement responsive design principles to enable you to view tables in a far more convenient way. These techniques will help the web page detect what sort of device is displaying the table, and adjust the way the table is presented accordingly. This may mean a pared down version of the table for clarity when viewing on a mobile or small tablet, but a more enriched experience when using an iPad sized device or home computer or laptop.

Obviously we are still at the stage where the majority of sites that are viewed on mobile devices are not presented as well as they can be, but this is likely to change in the future. If you have a site that is not efficiently optimised for mobile web browsing, then this is something that you should be thinking about very seriously indeed. It is believed that the mobile phone will be the primary device for exploring the web in the next few years, so it’s important to be up to speed. Contact an Expert SEO company today to help you to make your site mobile friendly.

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