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How PPC management can work alongside seo

PPC management for a pay per click ad campaign can be a great way of getting some extra attention, bringing in some extra traffic, and getting your content directly in front of a bigger than usual audience. It is also a nifty way to get first page placement for your website as you build your SEO, particularly if your website is new. All of this said, PPC needs to work with your SEO efforts, and shouldn’t be used as an exclusive replacement.

What is SEO
SEO or search engine optimisation describes any efforts made at making your website read and rank better in the eyes of the search engine. Due to the new and innovative ways that a search engine like Google decides which websites are worthy and which are not, SEO takes into account a broad mix of features including custom return rate, content quality, use of keywords, back links to and from other respectable websites, design, and general structure concerns.

What is PPC
PPC marketing is a more direct way to get ahead in the search engine. By paying the search engine directly you may advertise as a sponsored link which shows on the very first page of Google for example. In many ways PPC seems to offer a simple solution for getting your content right under the nose of your audience but without the hard work, however this is not quite how it works.

How PPC works with SEO
Ppc works alongside your SEO efforts for a few reasons, but by far the most important which explains why PPC doesn’t replace SEO is this – regardless of how much incoming traffic is directed into your website, there is a good chance that they also immediately leave your page. If your site has little or no efforts in the SEO side of things then this will likely be the case and therefore your PPC cost will inevitably be disproportionately expensive when compared with the success of your website.

Using PPC with SEO
If however you start your PPC campaign after initiating your efforts in the domain of SEO, then you’ll find a far greater portion of your customers stay on your site.

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