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How Mobile Website Design can set you apart

No matter how unique you like to think your business is, the chance is someone else out there, in most cases many many others out there are trying to do the same. Every element of your business and how you conduct it sets you apart from your competition, and this includes the design of your website.

First be sure to study what your competition are doing. Take the common elements you deem most important, and implement them with a twist, something that makes them your own. But also be sure to do some things differently, when it comes to aesthetic, and if you see a room for improvement when it comes to formatting or navigation, all will make a large difference to your efforts.

Have you considered the design for your mobile site? Will you keep it uniform to your normal website or can you see potential in creating something original? Also have you considered or heard of a mobile web app?

Mobile web apps are a type of  mobile website design which act, feel and look like a native app (one which you download and install). There are a number of benefits to using a web app for your mobile design, though the most important is possibly simply the pleasure your customer finds in using it.

Finally have you considered using special design features that might make your site more impressive than your competition? This may involve an extra investment but first impressions are important, especially when it comes to business online.

Some sites now use features which are wide and varied but which include ghost buttons, new icons for clicking on as navigation, unlike traditional navigation buttons though ghost buttons can be overlaid over high quality images or can be totally invisible.

Using menu screens which fade out of view is another great way of freshening up your design and creating a more roomy feel to your website. Plus it frees up plenty of space so your customer can see more of your content at once.

There are plenty of other great ways to make your website more exciting, but most importantly remember that it’s a job that never ends, new trends are always arriving and you can always improve on past work.


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