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How A Serious Linkbaiter Uses Social Bookmarking

By now we should all have heard of Linkbait. It’s a very broad term, but in essence it applies to anything on the web that can be harnessed and used to create backlinks to a site through its popularity. In other words, if you have a hilarious video of someone falling off their bike into the arms of a gorilla, which happens to be riding a unicycle, then in the right hands this video is excellent linkbait! All you need is a link on the same page as the video, using the appropriate anchor text, and you of course need other web users to find and share that content. Doing so creates as mazy trail of backlinks which are almost totally natural and very pleasing on the eye of the almighty search engines!

Of course, some linkbait is better than others, and some link baiters are better than others! The best linkbait captures the imagination, and the best link baiters use Social Bookmarking to make their lives easy!

Social bookmarking really is the link baiters best friend. It’s all very well having a great idea and knowing that something could well go viral in the right circumstances – the hard part is getting the ball rolling. Throwing something onto the pages of Facebook and Twitter is of course a start but you would be selling yourself well short if this is as far as you took it. Social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon are perfect for this sort of thing. A mature Stumbleupon account will have hundreds of friends listed, who are all likely to immediately come across this fresh new content that just has to be seen!

Once they see it, they share it with other people, and before you know it, you have a cross site viral hit on your hands. Having a god level of subscribers is so important in social bookmarking, but if you are using a top SEO company they will already have dozens of sites like this set up, ready to help you with a viral marketing campaign.

Social bookmarking is important for any sort of SEO campaign, but if you are planning to run a linkbait campaign, they are absolutely vital.

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