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Hiring SEO Specialists to give your website a boost

The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and it can feel like an extremely unfriendly terrain if you are without prior experience. Filled with an ever growing dictionary of complicated sounding jargon and technical language, you almost might feel unwelcome in the world of search engine optimisation.

But, fear not! We’re here to offer advice, and in this post we’ll cover some of the fundamentals of SEO, the role it will play in your online effort, as well as hopefully making the whole realm a little less frightful to all you beginners out there!

Before we give any specific examples of SEO, it’s key to know that in simple terms, search engine optimisation is any effort to improve any element of your website, with growing your business as the ultimate aim. This includes everything from the appearance, to the words on each page, but below we cover some of the most basic and important areas of SEO which your SEO specialist will be in charge of managing.

Web Design
Web design is one of the first things many people think of on the subject of SEO, plus from a non-technical viewpoint, it’s a great way to get started and to encourage all the rest. Nothing’s better than completing a new website design complete with company branding, ready to place your content. Your seo expert can design and build your website, from the appearance to the functionality. One key rule, especially for beginners, try to keep things simple at first, and build from a solid base, this will save you a world of complications in the future, and your audience will respond well to a simple but well executed design.

Keyword research
Keyword research may be an element of SEO that you’re not familiar with. To keep things simple here, keywords are the important terms and phrases within your webpage which are likely to be in common with what your user searches when using the search engine.

Mobile design
In 2017, mobile design is one of the most essential elements of seo, in fact, there’s no longer any real point trying to compete online without a mobile platform, as it now amounts to over half of all web traffic.

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