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Get Results with Pay-Per-Call Marketing

DCM 11th AssignmentOnce upon a time, when someone needed legal representation, they would talk to their friends and neighbors in order to get a recommendation. Sometime after that, the yellow pages were distributed and people in need could search and find an attorney all on their own. Later still, legal advertising exploded, and people were bombarded with billboards, print ads, commercials, and radio slots advertising legal services. Following the 2008-2009 recession, the legal market hit complete saturation, which meant that law firms everywhere became fiercely competing for a limited pool of clients. More than a decade after that saturation point, law firms are desperate for ways to turn their marketing dollars into results. Fortunately, Dot Com Media excels in results-oriented marketing.

Introducing Pay-Per-Call Marketing

Pay-per-call marketing is a new and innovative way to advertise your law firm. It is a quick and efficient way to put people in need of legal representation in touch with attorneys who can help them. Dot Com Media excels at successful pay-per-marketing campaigns. We begin with an interview with your firm regarding your brand values and position within the marketing place. We then launch a series of advertisements that correspond with the service you offer, utilizing the most relevant keywords with the largest search potential. The call-to-action on those displayed advertisements will be a phone number that is prominently displayed and easily clickable. Once a searcher hits the call button, Dot Com Media screens the call and will only connect the ones that truly represent the potential new business. Your firm is only charged for qualified leads, or the calls that connect.

Why This Works

Our world is dominated by mobile technology. Everyone, everywhere, is glued to their mobile device the majority of the time. In fact, studies show that the average American smartphone user checks his or her phone more than 50 times a day. When someone is in need of an attorney, they will most likely turn to their smartphone and search for a legal team near them. At that point, your call campaign will be delivered, and the searcher will be prompted to place a phone call. This is a hugely convenient way for someone in need to find an attorney. Considering that convenience is a huge factor in decision making, this campaign will go far in positioning your law firm in a desirable way.

Pay-per-call marketing works particularly well for the legal industry since the majority of people searching for an attorney are in need of one imminently. Conversion rates are high since most people who bother to place a call are looking for representation right away.

So, stop wasting your time and money on commercials, billboards, and op-eds. Instead, put your marketing dollars behind a system that works, and choose a digital marketing agency that will spend your money wisely by only relying on campaigns that yield results. Dot Com Media is results-oriented, which means that your team can say goodbye to junk calls and spam calls. With the Dot Com Media team working for you, you will only be taking calls that count.

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