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Finding The Right Attorney SEO Agency For Your Legal Practice

Right Attorney SEO Agency

Looking for contact numbers and pertinent information has never been so easy and convenient. With search engines like Google, you do not have to arduously flip through the yellow pages of a bulky phone directory from days gone by.

Lawyers, like many businesses and service providers, get a lot of use from a search engine facility. However, this assumes that even potential clients already know about your legal firm. What if they have no one in mind, and they are open to exploring their options? You see, it is not uncommon for customers to go in blind when looking for legal assistance. In fact, based on statistics, over 95% of those who seek the services of a law firm turn to the internet as their main resource.

However, with a dizzying array of options on the web, it can be a difficult task for both the searcher to choose, and the “search” or law firm, to be chosen. This is where lawyers marketing plays a huge factor in driving potential customers to your services. One way to achieve this is to increase the online visibility of your legal firm and its corporate website, which can be done with the help of an attorney SEO agency.

But first, what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, has become a major goal of any industry that heavily utilizes the internet in its advertising efforts. It aims to increase web traffic to a site by ranking high in the organic search engine results. In short, your company or its website should be discoverable, otherwise, what is the point of having one in the first place? By attracting visitors to your page, you have a fighting chance of winning them over to become your clients.

Here is the thing. Search engines like Google have so-called crawlers which gather information available on the internet based on algorithms set for every query that is placed. Hence, if somebody is on the hunt for legal services as a loose example, and looks them up, the search engine will give a number of suggestions in multiple search engine results pages (SERP’s). Ideally, you want your legal firm to be at the forefront of their choices, first page to be exact. And that is no easy feat.

SEO is a complex marketing strategy because what works on one website may not be the right solution for another. It is a process that involves many facets, and the quality of content on your website, which you want to keep adding and updating as necessary, is just one of them. Others include keyword research, paid ads, internal links, etc., all of which are crucial to successful SEO.

SEO agency for your law firm

Now we turn to this question, which attorney SEO agency should you choose for your law firm? As much as there are good lawyers, they are good SEO agencies as well. So how do you know which of these SEO marketing agencies providers are great at what they do? The following precursors may help you decide.

SEO agency for your law firm

What are your goals?

Before you type “attorney SEO agency” on Google faster than you can say “objection your honor”, you must determine which of your goals are likely to be achieved by hiring an SEO expert. While the SEO agency can help you identify these, as the representative of the law firm, you will know them better. For example, you might just want to increase your revenue in the coming lean months, or when your law office usually has fewer client transactions. Something as simple as learning about keywords that can be particularly useful for your industry. Whatever your goals are, you need to be clear about them from the start.

What SEO agency services will your law firm require?

SEO agencies offer services that may be different from another. You might want to be specific, like working on localized SEO which targets clients in a given area, or tailoring your approach to generate traffic to your site. Your website content is a big part of your SEO, hence, you might go as far as asking them to work on it by embedding relevant keywords or by adding customized videos, etc. Interestingly, SEO marketing providers either guarantee an improvement in your search engine rankings within three months, or they will extend their services to a year without additional charge.

SEO agencies

How did the SEO agency perform for their previous clients?

Just like Amazon shoppers will likely check out the customer feedback section first before hitting the “pay now” button, you should read reviews when picking out an attorney SEO agency. An overzealous marketer may promise you the moon and stars by claiming they can propel your law firm to the top of the ranks with your target keywords in less than three months. It is a red flag if an agency cannot produce evidence of results from other clients. If you cannot see a portfolio of their work, find somebody else who can provide it in a heartbeat.

How much is your budget?

Your law firm may need SEO enhancements, but they should be aligned with your corporate budget. Ask your attorney SEO agency about the cost of their services during an initial consultation so you can compare them with other marketers who could be offering the same for less. With limited funding, you can also slowly build your SEO instead by monitoring the results of each undertaking, and deciding your next step at every turn.

What are your plans beyond SEO, if any?

A successful SEO campaign resulting in an increased web traffic may not be your end game, and it really should not be. Your campaign should not stop when your short term goals have been met. SEO is an ever-evolving discipline if you want to strengthen your foothold long term. More importantly, it should be backed up with excellent service from your end. This way, your conversions will be repeat clients in the future, and it may even be easier for your site to rank consistently high in search results as your stellar reputation will speak for itself.

Final word

We hope that you will invest in your lawyers marketing with the right attorney SEO agency very soon. Always remember to compliment such efforts with the best professional legal services you can offer to your valued clients. We are confident you will eventually get to where you want to be in your practice.

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