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Finding New Visitors with Custom Blog Creation

Of all of the many different SEO techniques that can be used to boost your website, and to help pick up new visitors and a boost in traffic, custom blog creation remains as one of the less commonly used approaches. It’s uncertain why so many websites miss a trick on custom blog creation, however what is certain is the large effect that introducing a blog can have on your site. In this post we’ll be taking a thorough look at how you can take advantage of a custom blog for your own website.

A custom blog page is a special blog built into your website by a web developer. You are probably familiar with seeing “blog” tabs (usually in the top right of the menu), even if you have rarely or never clicked on one. So what exactly is the purpose of a blog?

A blog is a part of your website which will constantly be changing, even if the main part of your website changes very little. You should think of your blog as a little like the references at the back of the book. A special isolated place with additional information that relates to the content of the book, or in this case the website.

Your blog gives you the opportunity to offer any additional information on your goods or services that didn’t make it into the main page for whatever reason. It might be that the info is only relevant for a very small portion of your customers, or otherwise it might be specialist information that only your most avid fans would look for. By placing this content on your main website you may alienate the majority of your passing traffic, and so instead we keep our web pages minimal, and offer the additional info in a blog.

In addition to the above, custom blog creation also plays an important role in search engine optimisation. One of the many things that the search engine considers before ranking your site is how active it is, and hosting a blog is perhaps the easiest way to make serious increases to your activity.

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