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Expert SEO: Using AdWords Data To Find Killer Keywords, Part II

In the first part of our Using AdWords To Find Killer Keywords article, we talked about the importance of running both an SEO and PPC campaign together. To cut a long story short, it just makes sense! In this article, we will be explaining just how the use of AdWords can help your SEO campaign.

Firstly, your PPC management campaign should initially find some great adwords to use to try to draw buyers to your site. This naturally takes a little time, but the AdWords data work will be the first thing the PPC team do. Once this has been done, and as a business you start to see patterns of people buying, or using your site positively when coming through a particular AdWords or phrase, your SEO team can begin to shine.

The idea is for an expert SEO team to come on board right at this stage, and assess the success of the PPC campaign. They will be able to see which phrases are working in the PPC campaign, and the trick is to use those terms to adapt your site. It might mean changing the content of all of your landing pages to include these new keywords, which have come about from your adwords campaign. It might also be the case that they decide to run a link building campaign with anchor text based on these adwords.

Your SEO team will also look at spend against adwords, to understand how competitive some of the terms are. This is important from a PPC point of view of course, but it will also enable your SEO team to understand just what they are up against in order to achieve good positions in the Search engine page results for these terms too. You can bet your bottom dollar that an expensive adwords term is going to be hard to rank for too. Of course, that’s not your problem. It might be tough, but if you have a good SEO team behind you, it shouldn’t be impossible.

However tough the campaign, if you have a good SEO team and a good PPC team in place, you stand a far better chance of being successful than anyone else.

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