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Expert SEO Agencies: FAQs

Many companies seek out expert SEO agencies when seeking to improve their websites search engine rankings. It is a time and cost effective method for ensuring that your site receives the maximum amount of traffic to ensure success.  An SEO agency will also help your company to avoid common mistakes that can hinder your ecommerce marketing efforts.

How Can My Company Benefit?

An expert SEO specialist will structure and organize you website’s pages and content in a matter of days. The goal is to generate qualified internet traffic through the use of relevant keywords. Target markets can be defined either through broad criteria, or through specific criteria that narrows the market.

What Is Included In A 30 Day SEO Package?

Initially, a complete onsite and offsite optimization process is performed that includes detailed keyword analysis and SEO reports on a monthly basis. Once this phase has been completed, continued expert SEO services are offered on a monthly basis. This includes continued support from the agency for further evaluation of search engine rankings and traffic flow.

What Is The Best Package?

The best package for your needs depends on your business goals. For business owners that desire to grow their online presence, there are some elements to consider:

  • Onsite and offsite optimization
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Ongoing support
  • Project debriefing
  • Monthly reporting

Minimally, every ecommerce business should have keyword research and analysis performed, along with an analysis of their competitors. This will provide a basic understanding of keywords and their use. For optimal web presence and growth, clients should choose the expert SEO package that gives them the maximum benefits and monthly reporting that their budget will support.

What Is Included In SEO Reports?

Agencies that specialize in SEO have a process they follow when providing these services to clients. Part of this process is the evaluation of the business’ website and the compilation of an SEO report that includes:

  • Content statistics
  • Page popularity
  • Bounce rate
  • Current traffic statistics that includes amount of traffic and sources
  • Analysis of competitive businesses and websites, their keywords and traffic statistics
  • Information detailing both upstream and downstream websites

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