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Expert SEO advice for refurbishing an aging website

The ever-evolving nature of the internet means that just as if you owned a shop for a number of years, eventually, your website is going to need a few touch ups, here and there. The more basic way to achieve this would simply be to make important updates such as responsive design and to occasionally redevelop the appearance to keep it looking up to date.

If, however, you are looking for expert SEO tips to take your website to the next level, please keep reading.

The first thing that you need to do in the case of a website refurbishment is to make a personal survey of all of the problems that you can find with you website. Take note of all of the weaknesses that you would like your update to address, and also ask your SEO expert what he or she thinks you should prioritise in order to plan effectively ahead.

Another fantastic tip for website development is to look to your rivals. Make a list of all of the keywords that you use or which you hope your site to be ranked with by Google. Then, search those terms in the engine and survey the websites which are found at the top. What do the pages on the first page of search results have in common, and in what ways can you take inspiration from these sites for your own?

One area of redevelopment that is so often left as an afterthought is the quality of the content. If your website is going to perform in the short term, let alone beyond that, the quality of the content must be so engaging that a reader would be eager to return to read or view something else that you might offer in the future. If the average viewer of your website never returns again, the site is doomed to stagnate. If, however, you can build a loyal audience following, then you’re bound to find success in the long-term.

Finally, don’t be afraid to give your website a little facelift every now and then. Though each website will have a specific style relevant to its’ audience and so on, neutral colour schemes and simple design is generally recommended for all websites, big or small.

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