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Expert SEO advice for long running websites

We’re dedicating this week’s post to those of you who have long running, successful websites, that have none the less reached the point where a re-think could be positive. Whether your design seems to have become outdated, or you’re just considering adding some new expert seo features to your site, we take a look at some key things to consider just below.

The first thing to consider if your website has remained largely unchanged for half a decade or so is a small redesign. You should maintain the points that you think work well, while reinforcing the weaker elements of your site. Branding is important, so you should try to keep your business identity consistent even when redesigning your site. Look for ways to improve functionality, and to speed up page loading times.

Mobile design
If you don’t already have a mobile ready platform, then this is an essential for you. To put things simply, if you do not offer a mobile platform, you are missing traffic and sales. Plus mobile responsive platforms are now more affordable than ever. When designing your site for mobile be sure to consider page size and font size, as well as ensuring all icons and buttons are large enough to be clicked.

Build a blog
If you don’t offer a blog on your business site then this is one of the best ways that you can add something totally new which will make a huge impact on the performance of your site for a small cost, and little work. Your blog offers you a platform to provide regular new content to your audience base, and will keep your site looking active, rather than stagnating with the search engine.

Look to your rivals
Finally, look to your rivals for inspiration. Your primary goal should be to offer something a little bit better than your best rival in every element of your website, from content to design. Do a survey of all of your rivals, big and small, and see if you notice any great ideas that are missing from your own site. This will also help you to differentiate your own site.

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