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Essential Tips for Mobile Website Design

Designing a Mobile Website is Different from a Desktop Website
Plenty of people can design and build websites – but there is a huge difference when it comes to designing a website for mobile use. It has a different port of access through the web, the screen of a phone is different than the screen of a computer, and you need to be snappy – your customer probably has a few minutes, and no more, to look at your site. When you’re looking at mobile website design, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Should You Consider with Mobile Website Design?

  • A Call Button — Your customer needs to reach you as quickly and easily as they can, and if they want to reach you now, you need to make that easy. Place a button on your website – a contact button – so can call you from their phone, right there and then. Make sure it’s prominent and easy for a customer to find.
  • Maps
    An address is well and good – but it’s not always easy to tell where a business is just from the address. Map integration is important! If the customer knows exactly where you are in relation to where they are, it becomes far easier for them to find and visualize your business.
  • Driving Directions — It might sound a little silly – but driving directions to your business are pretty important! You don’t want them going to another website to figure out how to find you – make it easy for them.
  • Auto-Redirect to PC Website — It’s possible for your website to detect if the customer is viewing on a computer, or on a Smartphone. You want your customer going to the appropriate site – a normally designed website has been designed with a computer in mind, and that isn’t friendly for mobile viewing.

Go Check. Are These Features Prominent When Your Website Displays on a Phone?
Whip out your phone, pull up your browser of choice, and type in your business URL. Does it download quickly? Is it hard to read? Do you have to click two, three, even four times to reach a part of the website? That’s not good. A viewer might get one click in before going back to the search engine.

Chances are you don’t even have a mobile website. You just have your website showing up on your phone. By not respecting the situations of your customers – who aren’t always at a desktop – you’re costing sales when those visitors go to a competitor who’s made a mobile website easy for potential customer access. Look to the future! Build a mobile website – in today’s age, it is far too important to ignore, but it can be hard to do. Designing a website is difficult enough – but designing one for mobile services? You want to find someone who knows what they’re doing; thankfully, there are mobile website designers out there, who have the experience and knowledge you need to flourish.

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