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Enhancing Your Dental Social Media Marketing Through Facebook Posts (With Specific Examples!)

Dental Social Media Marketing

There are nearly 3 billion active Facebook users monthly. That is a staggering number by any measure, making it a honey hole for businesses looking to market their products and services. Facebook is no longer just a platform for social media, it has become a means for many trained professionals and service providers like dentists to jumpstart their practice using their online presence. You can connect with potential and existing customers by sharing valuable and relevant content through your Facebook posts, which can attract others to make that buying decision sooner.

It is safe to assume that many of you have been actively posting on Facebook for quite some time now, but you find yourself running out of dental ideas to post. Or, you could be new to your practice so you are not sure which content to put out there to create that initial impact. That is why we are giving you the following ideas and tips on Facebook posts you may consider to boost your dental social media and get the conversation going.

Show your work

This is perhaps the most important type of post, which makes following a dentist’s social media account not feel as weird and awkward. We are generally curious about what other people do, so why not let them have a peek into your world? You can make a case for the humble brag, by displaying a before-and-after photo of a patient whose smile was greatly enhanced by a natural-looking set of veneers. This is a surefire way to get all those inquiries from prospective clients.

Post little-known dental facts

People may only know so little about dental hygiene that their related activities only include brushing their teeth and little else. You can increase their knowledge by sharing some trivia about dentists or dental health specifics. An example would be, “You can get tongue inflammation if you have an iron deficiency.” Your professional training allows you to go as far as debunking dental myths as well, such as “diet soda does no harm to your teeth”, etc. You will come across as somebody who cares about the health of others, which adds to your integrity and trustworthiness.

Throw a question

Asking people to chime in is one the best ways to keep them engaged in your dental social media. You can ask them about the first thing they do when they wake up. We all know that typically, it is either they brush their teeth, or have their breakfast. Based on the answers you will get, you can give them more information and pointers. Who knows, they might visit your clinic one of these days.

Send a little love

Motivational quotes are popular examples of Facebook posts. You can jump on the bandwagon, too, since most of these inspirational feeds tend to be on the general side. Something like, “what you do today can make tomorrow better,” can apply to your profession, because if they visit a dentist today, their tooth problems may be solved, improving their situation thereafter. Besides, appealing to emotions is easy bait for likes and approval, which are forms of engagement.

Dental Social Media

Start them young

Another way to use your dental social media through Facebook posts is to show pictures, albeit blurred, of your young patients who dutifully go to your clinic for their regular maintenance. This will also dispel common fears of other kids and even adults who seemed to have never outgrown their childhood fear of going to the dentist thinking it is the scariest thing. Seeing that you have such happy and fearless patients will perhaps encourage them to seek your services in the near future.

Testimonials (real) are gold

It will not hurt to ask your satisfied patients to throw in a good word or two via Facebook’s customer review system. They will highlight their particular glowing review of your services on your Facebook profile, allowing you to comment with thanks for their trust and confidence. A patient who is willing to say their peace on video will be even better. When there is a face that comes alongside the positive testimonial, it is basically an endorsement which makes your services an attractive proposition.

Post cameo appearances of your team

You could be a solo practitioner, or a part of a team of dentists in a major clinic. Either way, you can display pictures of your staff and other people you work with, in action. It could also be a shoutout for a job well done, or a birthday greeting. It paints a warm atmosphere that can diminish the stigma in your profession, which often causes patients to be apprehensive.

Humor your audience

Part of your dental social media marketing strategy should be to occasionally share harmless jokes to break the monotony of posts. It makes you personable and again, decreases the common fear of dentistry in many patients. A joke that goes like, “Why did the donut go to the dentist? It needed a filling,” will likely elicit a chuckle or a reaction from your followers.

Dental social media marketing strategy

Flex your advanced technologies

Displaying high-tech equipment can pique the curiosity of people. A good example may be posting your clinic’s use of the latest innovation in your practice such as having a virtual reality diversion during tooth surgeries where patients get to be in a relaxing environment instead, thus improving the experience of their dental procedure.

Avoid graphic content and personal posts

Nobody wants to see an actual tooth extraction procedure, zooming in on the crevices in the patient’s mouth. That can easily send shivers down anyone’s spine and will not be a good use of your dental social media. While it is nice to show another side that presents you in a more approachable manner, you will also want to limit your posts about yourself outside being a dentist as it veers away from your focus on marketing your dental services.

Final word

You can do a whole lot with your dental social media account not only to promote your products and services, but also to change paradigms about your profession in general. Your authenticity will also prove crucial to your Facebook marketing success.

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