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Don’t Hire A Freelance “SEO Specialist” — Go For The REAL Experts

SEO specialists are responsible for a website’s traffic from search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of making sure that a website will achieve high search engine rankings. They need to take into consideration a number of different factors, from content to links. The better the search engine optimization (SEO) the more traffic that a website will get. If your business decides to hire a person or company to incorporate these SEO practices, you will need to decide between using freelance SEO specialists and using an SEO company…and the freelancer is always the wrong idea.

Why Not A Freelancer?
There are a few reasons why a freelancer isn’t a good idea. The first is that, no matter what websites like oDesk and eLance try to tell you, there’s just no way to know that a freelancer is actually as skilled as they make themselves out to be. Heck, there’s not even any real way to know that the person that’s working for you is the same person you see in the freelancer’s profile!

The second is that freelancers have a number of problems relating to communication. Quite often they’re not in the US, which can make dealing with the time difference a bit of a pain. Similarly, if English isn’t the language they speak every day at home, they can often get lost by even simple colloquialisms that every American would take for granted.

But what about the native-English, born-and-bred American freelancers? You have to ask yourself why this person is a freelancer in the first place. All of the real experts get snapped up by SEO companies; if someone is a freelancer it means they’re either not good enough to get a job or they just got fired…and then you have to ask yourself why.

Why Hire A Full Company If I Only Need One Person?
First off, ask yourself why you think you only need one person. An SEO company builds backlinks, and if you only have one person building backlinks, there’s almost no way you can obtain a natural link profile. Google looks at your backlinks to see where they came from, when they were written, what names are associated with them (i.e. the author of that blog comment), and more. If you only have one person trying to vary all of those aspects, they’re going to spend more time organizing themselves than they are writing backlinks. Hire a company that has all of the tools in place to vary your link profile, and you’ll get the most out of your SEO buck.

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