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Does Social Bookmarking work for blogs?

Social bookmarking is an interesting idea that enables you to save bookmarks to sites you find intriguing or helpful. It is an incredible idea from an individual’s perspective since you can get to your most loved bookmarks from any device. Moreover, social bookmarking is a great way to promote blogs!

Social bookmarking is a great source of traffic. You can get great targeted traffic, with some effort of course! It helps build your brand name as an authority in the industry. Basically, it helps in branding your blog name. The more subscribers you get from the social bookmarking sites, the more traffic is generated and a better reputation as a result. Do not ever go for untargeted traffic for your blog or irrelevant headlines and descriptive content. It has no value for you at all.

One-way links are great for your blog. And, what great way to get relevant ones than social bookmarking. It is extremely safe and efficient. Social bookmarking sites have high domain authority and add a feature or a do follow link into your blog post summary links. Therefore, they have a good impact on the index rate and domain authority of your blog. This helps your blog improve its ranks on the Google search engine result page.

Social Bookmarking sites have the power to push a great amount of audience at a moment’s notice. These sites allow submissions of your blog posts and let you be heard to the world! However, it is never a great idea to spam. This makes the audience irritated and angry. Just post your best blog content from time to time. This gives an opportunity for the audience to find your content. They may or may not accept it but it is guaranteed that you will get traffic.

Social bookmarking sites are a great way for bloggers to catch the attention of their relevant audience. Do you think that Social bookmarking is effective as it is believed so for blogs? What sites do you use for Social bookmarking?

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