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Dental Blogs That Will Inspire Dentists To Start Their Own: Our Top Picks

Dental Blogs

Have you started your own dental blog yet? If not, come on! Does that mean you do not want a boost to your web traffic, leads, and more importantly, your income? We didn’t think so.

Blogs have become one of the most vital tools for social media marketing by different professional industries and practices. Dentists can benefit from the fact that many prospective patients scour the internet for solutions to their dental problems. It may be as basic as a painless tooth extraction, or wanting to have the most natural-looking veneers on the market.

A dental blog provides you with an opportunity to share your knowledge, impart advice, and market your services in a more personalized way. You will be your own endorser. Whether you have a blog section on your existing website or a dedicated blog site, it serves as a great platform for you to be recognized as a go-to authority for anything related to dentistry, which other dentists may even find useful in their own practice.

With the right content and strategic use of keywords and links, your blog can enhance your dental SEO and lead generation to a point that others will start to seek you and not the other way around anymore.

Dental Blogs

Without further ado, check out these dental blogs that have found their way into browser bookmarks of many curious readers, would-be patients, and even cross-reading dentists. We have deemed them to be the best in their respective niche. Hopefully, you will begin yours soon.

1) AACD (Best cosmetic dentistry blog)

With a blog from the largest international organization that focuses its efforts towards achieving excellence in practice of dental aesthetics, you will find most of their topics surround cosmetic dentistry, which are backed by clinical case studies and valuable advice.

2) ADA (Best blog for new dentists)

The American Dental Association blog is a fast-growing site which features articles written by various experienced dentists. As such, they serve as great resources for new dentists, or those who have been in their occupation for less than 10 years.

3) Mouth Healthy (Best diverse dental blog)

This is another blog site from ADA but this time, it is geared towards consumers, with dental topics that range from getting Instagram-worthy pearly whites to oral care.

4) Dental Managers (Best blog for dental office managers)

Customer service is an integral part of managing a dental clinic. You can get helpful tips from this blog, which is geared towards improving patient experience and relationships, as well as other information related to office management.

5) Expanding Oral Care (Best oral care for kids blog)

This site has articles that promote oral health for children, especially the underprivileged, by working with non-profit organizations in order to educate, treat and prevent tooth problems in youth.

6) Campaign for Dental Health (Best  dental advocacy blog by non-dentists)

Instead of dentists, the American Academy of Pediatrics launched this blog to spread early dental health awareness among children and preventive care that is affordable and effective for all ages.

7) Oral Health Foundation  [Best charity-backed dental blog)

The Oral Health Foundation, a UK-based charitable organization, is behind this blog. They aim to guide as many people in their dental health through educational posts with tips that are easy to incorporate in one’s daily routine.

8) Dental Town (Best dental forum blog)

This is where dentists, dental workers and suppliers communicate in order to improve processes as well as products and services with highly informative blogs.

9) Dental Geek (Best blog for all dentists)

A good blog that will surely get readers fired up about dental SEO is one that has specialized content accessible in the easiest way. The Dental Geek blog contains a treasure trove of dental information which will make good resource materials for dentists. It also allows them to contribute to the articles that are featured on the site.

10) Dental Economics   (Best dental journal blog)

This is another great resource blog for dentists because it contains business journals pertaining to dentistry. Their articles aim to help dentists perform treatments effectively and grow their practice at the same time. The site itself has a wide readership of around 170,000 while its print publication has over 100,000 subscribers.

Dental Economics
11) Prosites (Best blog for strategic dental marketing)

Looking to improve your own site’s dental SEO? Prosites shares viable marketing techniques, both offline and digital that may help boost your business.

12) Dear Doctor Dentistry (Best general oral health blog)

Their blog topics range from dos and don’ts from teething children to oral cancer development in men (who knew there was such a thing!). You will be able to pick up a few ideas to apply to your own social media marketing.

13) Dentistry IQ (Best dental excellence blog)

New and highly experienced dentists alike can use a tip or two in achieving their best practice, which they can source from this dental blog. Other dental workers will also benefit from their educational articles, videos, and helpful content.

14) Dentistry Today (Best international dental news blog)

Be in the loop when it comes to dental practice from all over the world. This blog keeps track of the events involving dentistry practice and the latest innovations.

15) Go Ask Fred [Best individual dental blog)

Fred Joyal is the practicing dentist behind this personal blog that allows him to discuss his thoughts on varied dental topics and give advice in the process.

Other dental blog sites that provide authoritative yet engaging content include:
Perfect Teeth
Dental Associates
Authority Dental
Armine Nazarian, DMD, Inc.
Ask Dr. Spindel
American Association of Endodontists
The Endo Blog
American Association of Orthodontists
Orthodontic Associates
The Perio Group

We hope to have convinced you to start your blogging activity with the above successful blogs, curated mostly by those in the dental industry. You will be amazed at how it will affect your dental SEO for digital marketing as well as your business. Good luck!

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