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Custom blog creation: How to keep your blog ahead in the game.

Custom blog creation was the easy part of your blogging journey. Now the hard part comes i.e. making your business blog successful and on top of your competition. If you really want to generate proper bulk traffic to your blog, follow these easy steps.

  1. Create strategic and unique content.

The best thing you can do for your business blog is to create amazing content! The content just only needs to be better but it also has to be strategic. The kind of content is the one that meets the need of the reader. Choose a subject that is trending and research your audience well. Moreover, go for numbers and beautiful images that attract the audience. Create content that people would love to read up and share!

  1. Make sure that your content is evergreen.

Make content that will forever remain relevant to the changing trends and stays live on your website for a very long time. Use relevant keyword searches to help you find evergreen content. Moreover, create great headlines to attract the viewer. The headline should be attention-grabbing. Viewers only read content if the headline grabs them.

  1. Use email marketing.

Build a list of email of subscribers and nurture them so they can always open up your emails and redirect themselves to your blog. Use newsletters to get a higher rate of traffic. Create a major goal i.e. what you aim to achieve with this group of subscribers. Then, create a landing page for them and a few guest blog writeups to peak their interests. Email marketing strategies can do wonders for your business blog.

  1. Use guest blogging strategy.

Guest blogs are a great way to improve your traffic! It is a solid way to build your lists as well. For this one, you need to start researching heavily into blogs that have a strong social influence. Before posting on the blog, first, check its social media influence to analyse how much traffic you would most probably generate if the post was to be featured. Most of these blogs do not display their social media stats so it’s better to check out their Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, do some research on high ranking sites. Check if the content you are about to post is available with the same keywords as you are using on Google. This will give you an idea of how to create more SEO friendly content and generate more traffic.

  1. Link to your site as well as others.

Linking your blog posts to your previous entries is always a good idea for generating traffic. Also, do not forget to link to external sources as well. This will generate strong and positive relationships with other blogs and also tell Google that you are not a fraud or a spammer.

Use these five easy steps and see how quickly you reach your intended results!

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